Seizing life and responsibility (Here's a happy blog)

By RaverHippie · Sep 15, 2008 · ·
  1. RaverHippie
    I'm tired of feeling wrong every time I wake up. I shouldn't be here. I'm learning nothing. MY life is stagnated. I care about no one around me. No one around me has any contact with me beyond what one would expect from strangers forced to be near each other by circumstances. Casual courtesy, smalltalk, politically correct politeness...these things are fine when you are actually around strangers. But not living with your family. There ought to be a grain of substance to the fundamental relationships in your life. There is no substance in my life at this point. The only thing that existed was hope;dreams that I could some how make it back to the place where everything was perfect (aka college). I knew I'd eventually get back there. But I left it as some nebulous "eventually."

    After serious thought I've said why not? Why not now instead of eventually? Let's take something nebulous and bring it into reality. For the past 24 hours my skin has literally been crawling and itching everytime I think that I'm about to be free again. I'll be able to grow and be happy again. I'll have some control over my life for which I can take responsibility. I don't have to sit here in misery as if it's a sentence from fate, as if I'm supposed to endure this torturous existence.

    The only decision left is if I should tell my parents or just leave.

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  1. RaverHippie
    I leave in less than a day
  2. savingJenniB
    Leave your parents a note ~

    Short & sweet
    Tell them you love them
    Say it in a way the emits only the positive . . .

    Let the note be a reflection of the
    unconditional love only parents can
    impart on their children.

    Write it and mean it ~
    No lies ~ no excuses
    No defense ~ no arrogance
    No need to fill in all the spaces

    Life is short . . .
    we all may be gone tomorrow
    Leave with love in your heart

    And the bliss of a whole new world
    new life . . . new adventures
    dancing in your mind.

    Hope your travels go well.
    Keep in touch!
  3. AceOvArts
    you should tell your parents though dont you think ? I would think they deserve it. Its a real testing time when you leave home. Its wierd, its great,new but scary, everything all at once. You shouldnt stagnate in life for sure and there is enough out there that no one should ever have to. But our minds are fucking wierd things and we find ourselves in that same place over and over again (Well I have anyhow) Dont look for what you had but look for what you can have, I feel like a preaching old fool here but do something with your life and be free....its what its about, honest. Find a soul mate and then do it all new and fresh together !
  4. Heretic.Ape.
    Makes me excited to get things put together for my upcoming move! thanks for the inspiration. It is indeed a big crazy mad and lovely world out there. There are lots of crazy lovely and interesting people to meet, love, have fun, get hurt and everything with. Here's to new adventures and open-ended horizons :cheers:

    Definitely let your parents know. If not talking, at least the note. What do you plan on going back to school for?

    Edit: oh, this is pretty old. Are you in a new place now? What's the scoop?
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