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Seizure of US$5.6 million in ketamine is largest ever at Bangkok airport

  1. Snouter Fancier
    ket1.jpg BANGKOK - THAI customs have charged two Indian men for allegedly trying to smuggle ketamine with a street value of US$5.6 million (S$7.8 million) into the country, officials said on Wednesday.

    The find represents the biggest drugs bust at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport since it was opened in 2006.

    Chakraborty Joy, 30, and Roy Abhijit, 28, were arrested with 63 kilogrammes (139 pounds) of the drug on Tuesday after they arrived on a Jet Airways flight from Kolkata.

    Authorities said the pair attempted to pass through customs with 10 brown cardboard packages containing glassware. Officials became suspicious of the unusually heavy packets and on examination discovered the contraband substance hidden in secret compartments.

    Both men have said they did not know the boxes they were transporting contained narcotics. They face up to 20 years in jail if convicted.

    Ketamine, which goes by the street name 'Special K,' is a tranquiliser most commonly used on animals, but has become popular among drug users in Thailand and other countries in recent years. -- AFP



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