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    Self Hypnosis to Reach Euphoria
    There are many types of hypnosis, used for many different things. The purpose of this article is to give instruction on how to achieve a euphoric state through self hypnosis.
    Hypnosis has been dated back to the ancient temples of Aesculapius. He was the Greek god of medicine and healing. In the temples priests would whisper advice to sleeping patients. The people interpreted the uttering’s as being from the gods. As basic as it may have been this was indeed a very early form of hypnotism.
    German born Franz Anton Mesmer was a physician in Austria. He believed there were tides in the human body that could be attributed to the sun and the moon. He did an experiment in 1744 in which he had a patient swallow a fluid and attached magnets to various places on her body. The patient reported an “artificial tide” in her body, and she was relieved of her symptoms for several hours. Mesmer didn’t believe that the magnets were the cure. He felt as though he was the contribution that made an “animal magnetism”. This animal magnetism was not what we consider it today. The word animus in Latin means “breath”. Mesmer believed it was creatures with breath that contained the power to heal.
    Obviously enough Mesmer’s ideas were catching on, and that is where we get the word Mesmerize. He had many followers who utilized his practices and thanks them we have ended up with hypnosis. James Braid, among others, theorized that when coaching a subject to focus on one thought they could reach a level of relaxation called “nervous sleep”. It was termed this way because the person was not completely sleeping. They would be in an altered state of consciousness.
    Hypnotism has come a long way. We see advertisements for people to stop smoking, loosing weight, overcoming fears, addictions. Some have great success. Some do not.
    There are other people who utilize this form of psychotherapy for other reasons. Addiction, anxiety, pain management, and couples work are all things that are treated today with hypnotherapy.
    Dr. David Spiegel is a professor at Stanford University that is a leader in the field of psychosomatic research, treatment and development. He has done research and written books using self hypnosis for quitting smoking, children who have been through painful medical procedures, post-traumatic stress disorder. He is showing the world that “Mind Matters” when it comes to our bodies.
    Hypnosis is a natural state, one that you can embrace. A great American hypnotherapist, Dave Elman, in his book, Hypnotherapy, Westwood Publishing Company,1981, explains
    hypnosis this way: "It is not a state that you have to fear. This is a state in which the mind
    works so well and the law of self-preservation works so beautifully that no one could ever take advantage of you in the hypnotic state. That is why in the history of the world no harm or damage has been done by hypnosis. Unfortunately, there are books about this subject by authors who don't know how to explain these things, so they infest it with figments of their own imagination. People have infested hypnosis with a lot of false ideas. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful states made possible to mankind, and this beautiful state contains nature's own anesthesia which is made available to everyone of us. But it has been abused sorely by people trying to make it voodoo, black magic. It isn't."

    Putting it to practice
    I use self hypnosis to overcome my anxiety and cravings. I have learned that I can awaken feeling calmer after a stress attack. I have been practicing it for six months and the twice weekly anxiety attacks that used to cause me to pass out, have gone away. I have trained my body and mind to stay in tune to each other. I now have the control over what used to be crippling.
    To be able to reach a state that I feel euphoric really intrigued me. I wanted to feel as good as I could. There are many websites out there that tout their self hypnosis regimen or tapes as the answer to our prayers. The fact is that we can reach euphoria without help from anyone.
    We are totally in control of our minds. Taking the time to learn how is the point. Sit or stretch out in a comfortable position. Don’t lie down or you may fall asleep! Ensure that the room is a cozy temperature. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Start relaxing your body starting with your feet moving up to your thighs. Tell your mind that you feel your feet and they are relaxing, then tell yourself that they are totally relaxed. Move up you legs, taking your time to tell yourself each part is relaxed. Then do the same from your fingers up to your head.
    Once you get to your head you should be actually feeling heavy, and very relaxed. At the head, let your inner voice tell you that your head is relaxed and you look up (in your mind) to see a golden light. You can use any color that is beautiful to you. This light is coming through the top of your head and getting so bright that it is filling your body and the light is shining out of your heart. The light is peace, it’s love.
    You may have to practice this several times before you feel the light, or the peace. However, the more you do it the better you get at it. At this point you will see your “happy place”. This should be a place that is calm and beautiful. I will use my place as an example.
    I picture a beautiful trail in the woods. The sun is out, and I am walking down the trail, slowly. The sun is shining an I can feel the warmth. I come to a clearing and I can see the water. There is a hammock-you will need something to relax on. I walk slowly to the hammock. I lay down and feel the breeze. I look up in the sky and see a bird flying. The bird is slowly riding the breeze down to the ground. I stare at the bird until I am the bird.
    You will want to pick something like a bird that fly’s or glides. While you are hypnotizing yourself this will enable you to do something fun, relaxing, beautiful. You can become one with nature, giving you the same sense that many people have claimed to receive while using some drugs.
    Once I become the bird I fly. I enjoy the warm air, I look at the trees, and the ground down below. I swoop in the air to ride the breeze. I tell myself that I am free of worries, that my stress, sadness, anger are going out of my body while I am in the air. As I come down to the ground, slowly circling down, I leave all of my worries. I feel nothing but the joy. I tell myself that when I get back down I will go back in the hammock and allow myself the warmth of the love that is in my heart. Feeling the glowing golden light beaming from my heart.
    You will tell yourself that you will bring those feelings with you. When you awaken you will feel happiness and relief. Prompt yourself to feel however you want! You can get a better sleep, or feel energized.
    Just keep in mind that this is a way to experience something natural within yourself. Something that you can control completely. Peace and love without meds or anything but your willingness to explore the healing powers of your own mind.

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  1. Humanity
    A question if I may.
    How long does a session such as this one take for you? I know glancing at a watch every 2 minutes can't exactly allow you to relax and enjoy the inner calmness this experience can provide, but how about a ballpark?
    20 minutes? An hour? Three hours? :)
  2. savingJenniB
    Yes, I have been working on myself using very similar techniques ~ calling it meditation or visualization - but it really doesn't matter what you call it! One of the major difficulties I have encountered stems from lifestyle interuptions. I live & work in a small space with my husband - and if he's not here chances are good that the phone or the front gate will be ringing!

    I've taken to getting in my car and driving down to the beach or a local park - and doing my meditation there!!!

    Have a few motivational CD's to jumpstart my brain if needed:
    The Power of Positive Thinking - Norman Vincent Peale
    The Secret, etc.

    Timewise ~ I'd say you should give yourself about an 45 minutes at first --- you generally only need about 15 - 20 minutes but, getting settled in & comfortable sometimes takes a little addition time & effort.
  3. lucian
    Have you been hypnotised by another person to begin with and then practised self hypnosis, or were you able to go straight into self hypnosis straight away? Just wondered because I have not had much luck with my own attempts.

    Also have you tried hypnosis as a way of enducing lucid dreams. My lucid dreams (when I have them which is rare) are as you describe your happy place: i.e. flying in the summer sky in harmony with nature and the world, a kind ecstatic oneness purer then anything I have experienced elswhere.
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