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  1. lostmente
    We have what we consider 'ours' these are the things we rely upon in some way. The independent people tend to only rely on whats inside them. The extroverted try to claim as much outside, the introvert will focus within them....

    So you lose something you consider your own, something you have right to but you can no longer have...It maybe gone, it maybe dysfunctional or it maybe harmful.

    So you've made the choice to try and reduce loss. You realize you have to let go (this may not actually be a choice but you at least acknowledge it is all there is to do). I see three things that can happen.

    1. You take what you have and rework it into your personal space. Fill the void with what you can still rely upon.

    2. You feel too roomy so to speak so you start to introduce more things into your personal space...kind of replacing that which was lost.

    3. You shrink your personal space to compact this new sense of self and create more unity within your persona.


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