self suffiancy gathering in maine

By fnord · Mar 28, 2007 ·
  1. fnord
    dont know if tyhis is the right place or if i am even allowed to post it,if im not sorry deepest apollogys!!!it happens every year swim went to one and had a blast.its not drug related,but niether are they shunned.

    * Connecting & Building Solidarity

    * Workshops, discussions, & skillshares

    * Childrens workshops & Activities
    * Campfires, swimming, music & art
    * Lots of fun & free healthy food
    * Participating rain or shine!

    Potential Workshops

    * Do-it-yourself skillshares
    * Sustainable living skills & wild crafting
    * Biodiversity & environmental protection
    * Indigenous struggles
    * Race, gender, sex and sexuality
    * Capitalism and class
    * Political prisoners: struggles & support
    * Unschooling & youth empowerment
    * Alternative Building & more!

    Other Planned Events

    * Barter Fair!* Saturday August 12th from 4pm till Dark Bring crafts,medicine, food, clothing, books or anything else you want to trade.
    * Open Mic (less) Night:* Friday Night
    * Burdock Cabaret:* Performance & Music on Saturday Night

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