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Senate committee warns against petrol sniffing quick fixes

  1. Lunar Loops
    This from ABC news online today:

    Senate committee warns against petrol sniffing quick fixes

    The head of a Senate committee investigating petrol sniffing is urging governments to commit to long-term programs to curb the problem, rather than quick fix projects.
    Queensland Labor Senator Claire Moore made the comment after visiting the Kimberley community of Balgo in Western Australia, where sniffing has been a serious problem for years.
    The Senator says Balgo residents warned against short-term pilot programs which do more harm than good.
    "We have histories all over the place of programs that were just getting started and had to be de-funded," Senator Moore said.
    "People then had that double defeat, because they've got that sense of betrayal as well and that doesn't work."
    The committee is expected to make recommendations to Federal Parliament next month.


  1. Nature Boy
    Haha! Good ol' petrol sniffing. SWIM did it once himself when he was a wee drunken nipper who was out of his depth and was looking for a cheap thrill. Within seconds of the first inhalination he puked everywhere but didn't even know at the time that the ramifications could have been far worse. Lesson learnt.
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