Senior Citizens Had 10 Kilograms Of Cocaine In Their Cruise Ship Cabin

By seaturtle · Dec 25, 2018 ·
  1. seaturtle
    A couple of senior citizens, 70 and 72 years old respectively, apparently had the party of their life in the Caribbean. They were caught with 4 suitcases full of Cocaine in their cabin on their return to Europe and are now in jail.

    How much Cocaine is needed to fuel a couple of 70 year olds during a Caribbean cruise? Apparently 10 kilograms. To put that in perspective that is 2,857 8 balls, or enough Cocaine to fuel a crackhouse in Florida for an entire weekend.

    According to the Drugs Forum Chancellor of Space Drugs, this is also an adequate amount of Cocaine to achieve self-sustaining nuclear fission, enough to provide electricity for an entire small country.

    The cops do not think 10 kilograms of Cocaine qualifies as recreational use, they think its some real scarface level shit. The couple was arrested, likely while completely numb, zonked, and zooked.

    Before the 'man' busted their stash, that cabin must have been one heck of a party. Anyone that entered that cabin must have gotten higher than Mt. Everest. That bag of cocaine was so big it's likely the couple did not even notice that they were on a cruise in the Caribbean, since they were probably facedown in the bag the whole time.

    Now certainly the police who got the 10 kilograms of Cocaine are continuing the party inside of the evidence lockup. The gravity of 10 kilograms of Cocaine is simply too great for any human being to resist or escape.

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