September 11th

By Mick Mouse · Sep 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    Well, it has been a few days since a have posted anything here, and I figured that today was a good day for doing so.

    So, today is 9/11. The anniversary of the big terrorist attack. What is it, the 10th anniversary? The 11th? I can't believe that people continue to make such a big deal out of this shit! For instance, this morning I was watching the local TV news and they were doing an obligatory "special" on the terrorist attacks, and they did one of the "man-in-the-street" type of interviews with some woman who looked to be in her late teens or early twenties, and she was crying about this!

    Seriously? Are you kidding me? She would have been 8 or 10 years old when it happened, and unless she had a direct link of some sort with one of the victims, she could not have been affected! Yes, it was a horrible event, but lets keep it in perspective here for just a minute. If you add up all of the deaths of victims of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, how many do you come up with? I do not have the exact figure, but I think it is under 4000.

    4000. And this is spread out over a decade or longer. Probably comes to something like 385 a year when you average it out. 385 a year. We have fought single battles in many different wars in which we have lost that many or more, and the truth is that the "War on Terror" is a lie perpetuated on the American people by the government.

    Throw away a couple hundred of your children a year for the right to be the big kid on the block and bully everyone else around. That's just fucking brilliant. My personal opinion is that this country started to go wrong when the people allowed Abraham Lincoln to wipe his ass with the Constitution. Every sitting political party since then has worked towards eroding personal liberties and privacy as a means of maintaining control of the population. Oh well, I'm not even going to get started on this one!

    Not much else has been going on in this part of the country here lately. The kids are back in school, so that is proving to be a pleasant change. Now I have time to myself and the house is empty. Not that it matters, I don't do anything, but I could if I wanted to, you see. The weather is starting to change, our day-time temps still hit the low 90's, but not regularly anymore. The nights are getting cooler and it is quite nice to sit outside in the evenings now.

    Life continues to roll along pretty much unchanged. No major surprises, no serious or long-term unmet needs, the wife and I are getting along just fine, the kids are not in trouble, and The Dog is being good.

    No challenges. No ambition or motivation. No striving towards goals. Just coasting along.

    I really hate this! I sit here during the day and stare at the mountains, day-dreaming about going back in time (where I sometimes feel I belong anyway!), feeling the mountains and the deserts of the West calling out my name, just has they have called the names of countless hundreds of thousands before me. Wondering what it would be like to have lived back then, at a time in which the West really was wild. Probably anytime between 1850 and 1920, depending on where you were. If you were born in 1850, you would have been old enough to fight in the War of Northern Aggression and to have lived through WWI, along with everything that happened between the two. You might even live to see WWII. What a life!

    Then, there are times when I sit outside at night, often for hours on end. Watching the endless parade of stars as they wheel across the heavens. Wondering if anyone is out there. Ashamed and embarrassed about how our behavior towards not only each other, but towards our home as well, must look to any advanced species who happened to stop by for a look. Hoping that they are as advanced in compassion as they are in technology, otherwise we might just find that they think that the universe would be better off without the violent, homicidal monkey-boys in it, and that their entire planet should just be turned into the equivalent of a cosmic parking-lot.

    Looking outward, and wondering if there is something......Else.

    Now don't get me wrong, I have a firm belief in my deities, but it is a belief based on faith. I have no "proof" that they exist. Sure, I can point out the countless times that I was the recipient of blessings and gifts that I did not deserve or expect, of protection and warning that was afforded, and of assistance in effecting change within my life.

    But it could just as easily all be coincidence. At least that is what others can/will say. So I don't say anything about that anymore. I just look. And wonder what life would be like to just once get understandable, non-ambiguous confirmation that the deities you worship are real. That all you believe in is true. Probably wouldn't believe it if Hecate or Thoth showed up in full regatta and slapped me in the face though!

    Sometimes I wonder what life was like long long ago, and others, I wonder what it will be like far in the future. Will we settle our differences with each other and reach out for the stars? Or will we continue to let petty hates and differences tear us apart? Our entire world is built around war. That is the engine that has driven all of the progress we have made as a species.That is our past, but does it have to be our future? Is there another way to drive progress-a way that does not rely on violence and death?

    It has been indicated by many philosophers, occultists, "new-agers", tree-hugging dirt-worshipers, and others that we-this world-is supposed to be on the cusp of entering a new age. An age of peace and enlightenment, and one in which we as a species will advance. An age of plenty, of prosperity, of technological and medical marvels. An age in which the hates and angers of the past are dealt with and wiped away.

    I wonder if they have checked on this lately, because I sure as hell am not seeing it! And the reasons no longer seem to matter as much, either. Political, social, racial, economical, anything is a good reason for a war these days. So what in the hell can one person do?

    Interesting question there. Well, short of being a national leader, probably not much. Unless you assassinate one, then you might change something, although it will probably just be the length and quality of the remainder of your life! But lets not think so big. Maybe you can't change the fate of nations, but what if you said hello and struck up a conversation with the mail-man or the guy at the local shop? What if you were polite to cheerful towards the next person you saw, for absolutely no reason at all?

    You might not be able to change THE world, but you can change YOUR world! If you really wanted to, that is. Maybe you are happy with the way things are and see no reason to change. That is a distinct possibility!

    Anyway, I guess what I am saying is that I live both in the past as well as in the future more than I do in the present, for some reason. Probably because I don't like the world as it is today. People are mean, and I don't like that. And we are in that transitional phase of our evolution where I just have to put up with that shit. In the past, I could have just shot them, while in the future, I will (hopefully!) have evolved past the need for such displays of frustration and aggression. So simplistic! Well, this was just a ramble, and as such, it is high time that it be ended. Or at least this session of it! And remember boys and girls-opinions are like ass-holes, everybody has one and they usually stink! A frequent addendum to that is (according to others) that mine is usually worse than most! I would be offended at that, were it not true more often than not.

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  1. PillMan
    I do believe that 9-11 was a setup by our own government...there are dozens of documentaries showing real proof on this situation. Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed reading it.

    I also feel the same way about the past and the future...I'm not happy with the world in this time era. I would love to live way back in the day or maybe even the future (depending what route we take).

    Anyway thanks for the read.
  2. Phenoxide
    You lost me at 'sheeple' I'm afraid. It's a word that instantly destroys the credibility of even the best crafted prose.
  3. hookedonhelping
    lol phenoxide! Im with pill man and Jesse Ventura and all the other intelligent humans in the world. It was an inside job.
  4. brokenangel
    Beautiful thoughts about the universe and mankind, the overall bigger picture ........ well done. ;) I look up at the stars just about every night, and wonder the same.

    When it comes to 9/11 .. I think it is more of a "respect" issue. If you were of age when it happened, it was nation wide fear of the future and what was about to happen. World war was at stake. It is also empathy shown for the situation - people jumping out of the 80th story because it is a better choice than burning to death, after just showing up to work on a "normal" day .... could you imagine? However, I can't say I disagree with you about the entire event being a conspiracy. Same with George dubbya's "war on terror". Terrorism is very real, and yes - there should be war on it. However, this was a freakish carni side show of GWB's true agenda.

    What you speak of in regard to our planet, in your last paragraphs, ties into 9/11 a bit. 9/11 brought all of this nation together, in a way I have never witnessed before. Despite race, sex, anything........ I have never witnessed such a union and doubt I will again, in my time. If our people could unite like this as a human species - imagine the endless possibilities.

    Great read. Thank you for sharing.
  5. amino
    I think you have eloquently put to words what many people are feeling, yet can't express. In fact, the general theme of your post may quite possibly go down in history as the prevailing mood of the early 21st Century.

    I remember watching the tv coverage of 911 as it was happening and thinking to myself that something wasn't quite right. The suspects' photos and bios instantly available, Attas passport found unscathed in the debris, two tanks of airplane fuel supposedly creating enough heat to melt the steel of two huge buildings, not a shred of debris or a single body found at the Pentagon, yet rooms bordering the crash stood untouched, photos of the same event which don't match, and that's just the beginning.

    But nobody with any clout dares to mention this. Major news forums will even ban you for mentioning these things. And the few celebrities who dared put the question out there were crucified in the media. Any politician who dared even bring up the topic found themselves losing their next election.

    We can only speculate who might have been involved, but one thing we know for a fact is that there are too many coincidences and documented inconsistencies for any rational person to accept. What's even more frightening though is that so many people are programmed and controlled in every action and thought and they don't even know it. Perhaps people with drug experiences are better equipped to perceive these things because they've spent time experimenting with the doors of perception and understand that reality is fluid and not the absolute that consensus thinking would have us believe.
  6. Grimace
    I love reading well-written views that fall outside the mainstream! As much as everybody hates on the "Truthers", I have to admit the more I look at certain details, the more problems I see with the "Official Story" of 9/11.

    Stay weird, man!
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