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September article in TIME "What are we high on now?"

By TwirlingDervish, Sep 8, 2014 | Updated: Sep 8, 2014 | | |
  1. TwirlingDervish
    In the latest TIME issue "The Answers Issue: Everything You Never Knew You Needed To Know", they listed stats on several drugs I thought may be interesting. I've tried to list them as succinctly as possible.

    The categories were retail price, number of users in 2012, % of losses and gains in users over a ten-year span, addictiveness, and number of ER visits.

    NOTE: Addictiveness scale: 0 = Least, 100 = Most, stat for Users is from 2012, the 10-year change is from 2003-12, Hospital visits are from 2011. These stats represent American users.

    The sources listed were: prices from DOJ and WhiteHouse.gov; number of users and hospital visits from SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration); Addictiveness scale by David Nutt at Imperial College in London and Lawrence D. Phillips at The London School of Economics, based on opinions of addiction experts

    Cost: $25 per pill; Users: 2.6M; 10-year change: 23% gain in users; Addictiveness: 20; ER Visits: 22,000

    Cost: $18 per gram; Users: 32M; 10-year change: +25%; Addictiveness: 30; ER Visits:456,000

    Cost: $13 per gram; Users:172,000; 10-year change: -21%; Addictiveness: 30; ER Visits: 76,000

    Cost: $10 per spray can; Users:1.7M; 10-year change: -18%; Addictiveness: 15; ER Visits: 10,000

    Cost: $5 per paper strip; Users: 1.1M; 10-year change: +89%; Addictiveness:0; ER Visits: 5,000

    Cost: $93 per gram; Users:669,000, 10-year change: +113%; Addictiveness: 80; ER Visits: 258,000

    Cost: $29 per pill; Users: 1.5M; 10-year change:+22%; Addictiveness: 40; ER Visits: 151,000

    Cost: $98 per gram; Users: 1.2M; 10-year change: -28%; Addictiveness:75; ER Visits: 103,000

    Cost: $73 per gram; Users: 3.8M; 10-year change: -17%; Addictiveness: 50; ER Visits: 505,000

    Cost: $20 per rock; Users: 921,000; 10-year change: -34%; Addictiveness: 100; ER Visits: 505,000

    Cost: $6 per pill; Users: 6.1M; 10-year change: +20%; Addictiveness: 50; ER Visits: 358,000


  1. Cid Lysergic
    Over half of all crack users have gone to the ER relating to crack?
  2. TwirlingDervish
    I double checked and yes, that is the number they give. Same number given for crack and cocaine. What I found confusing and interesting was marijuana had the second highest number of ER visits and LSD had the least.
  3. chupamivergaguey
    I don't think half of all crack users have been to the ER for crack reasons. For one thing, the 80/20 rule is probably firmly in place but I'm betting it's closer to 90/10. Which would give us 92,000 people making 450,000 ER visits. That's 4-point something ER visits per crackhead per year, while the vast majority probably stay as far away from things like hospitals and police and reporting as they can.
  4. TwirlingDervish
    I found it strange that the numbers given for marijuana related ER visits were so high. I haven't smoked pot since I was a teenager, and even though it's supposed to be a totally different animal now, I still thought it sounded extremely high. The heroin numbers confused me as well. Who knows how they compiled the numbers and what criteria was used. I thought I'd post just for food for thought.
  5. chibi curmudgeon
    ER visits? Americans go to the ER when we need refills on blood pressure medication. They could be counting people who burned themselves on a hot pipe, or fell into a ditch while stargazing on mushrooms.
  6. Alfa
    Well, if those usage statics are real then that would really suck. Apparently all US drug users are already on DF then. But I dont think soooo...
  7. Cwb20022
    Wow those are some expensive drugs.i only wish i could still get acid for 5 bucks a hit. Maybe 15 years ago. I wonder how they came up with the statistics? There's alot there id question.
  8. Nosferatus
    At the risk of being accused of price discussion, most of those prices sound ridiculously high. Also, "rock" and "pill" aren't standardized units of measurement.
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