Serb, U.S. Drugs Agents Seize 2.8 Tonnes Of Cocaine

By Terrapinzflyer · Oct 15, 2009 · Updated Oct 15, 2009 ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Serb, U.S. Drugs Agents Seize 2.8 Tonnes Of Cocaine

    BELGRADE (Reuters) - Serbian and U.S. agents seized 2.8 tonnes of cocaine destined for European markets on Thursday, Tanjug news agency said.

    The joint operation was part of an international effort to crack down on the illegal drugs trade, Tanjug said, quoting a security services statement. It did not specify where the cocaine was seized.

    "The value of the seized cocaine is estimated at 120 million euros, while it could reach 250 million euros if sold in streets," the statement said.

    U.S. anti-narcotics authorities say organized crime groups use Serbia as a transit point for cocaine from South America and heroin from Turkey for shipment into Western Europe.

    The Danube and Tisa Rivers enter landlocked Serbia from Hungary, the Sava flows in from Croatia, and the Danube runs on into Romania and Bulgaria.

    (Reporting by Gordana Filipovic; Editing by Angus MacSwan)
    Published: October 15, 2009


    comment: Seems like there have been a lot of huge busts, of multiple substances in the past few days...

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