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Serious drug hauls carried out in Istanbul over the weekend

By torachi, Dec 6, 2010 | Updated: Dec 6, 2010 | |
  1. torachi
    14464.jpg Police carried out two significant drug hauls in Istanbul over the weekend, successfully raiding an atelier in the central district of Sultanahmet and a private residence in Ataşehir.

    The Sultanahmet atelier belonged to a sculptor who had reportedly been cooperating with a drug syndicate by hiding narcotics inside marble sculptures. The well-known artist, N.Ö., was arrested Saturday after police followed up on tips about his links with the drug syndicate.

    During the raid on the atelier, after initial investigations by police narcotics teams failed to turn up any evidence of drugs, they decided to break a number of marble sculptures with a sledgehammer. Approximately 47 kilograms of heroin had been hidden inside the sculptures reportedly bound for the Netherlands. The heroin was reportedly packed inside special material so it would not to be affected by the marble.

    Three other people, M.B., K.T. and Ş.C., were arrested following the raid on N.Ö’s atelier.

    N.Ö. allegedly said during questioning that he had agreed to cooperate with the syndicate as he did not earn much money through sculpture.

    Narcotics teams conducted a second in Istanbul on Friday on a residence in the city’s Ataşehir district. The raid revealed 54 marijuana plants and 163 roots of hallucinogenic mushrooms, according to a Saturday report by daily Radikal.

    Halogen lamps were used to provide the plants with the necessary heat and light inside the apartment. The residence had also been furnished with a special air conditioning system to provide the levels of humidity necessary for the plants to grow. A total of 314 grams of cultivated marijuana were also found. Vahdettin C., resident of the apartment, is alleged to have been selling the drugs to customers living in the surrounding neighborhood.

    Sunday, December 5, 2010
    ISTANBUL - Daily News with wires



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