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  1. perro-salchicha614
    ...people need help.

    I sometimes look on ebay for opium stuff, and I'm never surprised that there are fakes on there, but I am surprised to see people bidding on them. Sometimes the bidding goes quite high. They're always labelled as "authentic," of course, and I wonder if the sellers really do think they have something that was once used by an actual opium smoker. Seriously, somebody needs to help people out. Somebody needs to write a guide to discerning authentic opium antiques from the fakes.

    Those curved horn pipes hurt my eyes.

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    Opium fiend, bon vivant, and all-around pain in the ass.

    Annoying others since 1982.


  1. Scrofula
    Can't find it, since it is at least a decade old, but the once-local-to-me alt-weekly Sacramento News & Review had a feature on a guy apparently truly addicted to decorative poppy pods he got through the mail. Sounded like a wink-wink way to mail drugs to ostensible flower arrangers; when he started ordering daily, the suppliers stopped bothering to make them pretty.

    The article treated this as serious, and described his weird tippy-bowl cereal rig he used to make some kind of extract (sounded believably unbelievable). I can't believe customs or postal inspectors would let that go in the 21st century, but maybe some of these high-bidders know what they're getting?

    Probably not, no.
  2. Somewhere in the middle
    I think I might know of just the person....
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