Set and Setting? - Kid lunged toward officer and said, "Dude! I'm high on mushrooms!"

By Beeker · Aug 25, 2008 · ·
  1. Beeker
    Deputy: Man jumps into patrol car

    They grapple in street before police dog bites suspect


    August 23, 2008

    A man allegedly high on mushrooms jumped headfirst into a Marion County sheriff's patrol car and fought with the deputy until a police dog intervened, officials said.

    About 3 a.m. Friday, Senior Deputy Jerry Wollenschlaeger came upon a black Jeep Cherokee parked near Hawthorne Avenue SE and State Street.

    A man identified as Evan David Thomas Adams, 19, of West Salem was walking away from the Jeep. Thinking the man was having car trouble, Wollenschlaeger pulled up alongside him and rolled down the patrol car's passenger window to ask him what was wrong.

    "He seemed like a nice guy, and the next thing you know, he's jumping into the patrol car," Wollenschlaeger said.

    The man lunged across toward Wollenschlaeger, who unfastened his seat belt, opened his driver's side door and pinned the man down.

    Wollenschlaeger said the two shared a short conversation that went something like this:

    "What's the matter with you?"

    "I'm high on mushrooms, dude."

    The man continued to struggle, and the fight spilled out of the vehicle and into the southbound lanes of Hawthorne Avenue. Meanwhile, Wollenschlaeger's police dog, Yo, remained enclosed in the backseat.

    While still holding on to the man, Wollenschlaeger reached for his radio-operated door opener to let out Yo and gave orders to bite the man.

    Salem police Cpl. Don Parise arrived to help, and the man was placed in handcuffs.

    Adams was arrested on charges of assaulting a police officer, interfering with a police animal, second-degree criminal mischief, driving under the influence of intoxicants and unlawful entry into a motor vehicle, said Undersheriff Jason Myers, a sheriff's spokesman.

    The vehicle belonged to Adams' father; the unlawful entry into a motor vehicle charge was for the deputy's patrol car, Myers said.

    Adams told deputies that he was under the influence of psilocybin mushrooms, Myers said.

    "He said he just didn't want to drive anymore and got out and decided to go for a walk," Wollenschlaeger said. "He knew he had to talk to somebody."

    Adams suffered dog bites to his legs and minor scrapes to his face and was taken to Santiam Memorial Hospital in Stayton, Myers said. Adams then was booked into the Marion County jail.

    Wollenschlaeger, a 10-year veteran, suffered minor bruises and sprains from the incident. Worse for the wear was his AR-15 patrol rifle in his patrol car, which he found later was jammed from the scuffle.

    "It's a little bit of like, wow, I was just trying to help someone and check if they were OK, and 'boom,'" he said.


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  1. fiveleggedrat
    Re: Set and Setting? - Kid lunged toward officer and said, "Dude! I'm high on mushroo

    Check this story out, Swim was SURE his friend was going to be in jail for life. This is not Swim's story, but his -friend-! Swim'll do his best to retell the story, since it was hard to gather the info in the first place (He was FUCKED up)

    Swim's friend was high on shrooms, and went out to do a drug deal. He had a half oz of cocaine, pot, and shrooms in his car. It was 3:30am. He gets to the house he was selling the coke at. They decide they don't want it, he tells Swim they wanted it on the front. He then leaves. Mind you, this guy drives a beat up firebird, like a MADMAN. He speeds all day, very unsafe driver with flat tires that need to be changed, so he slides everywhere too. And he has a broken tail light that is out. Then he gets pulled over by police.

    He right away tells the cops he is high on shrooms by has no drugs in his car. The cop chastises him and lets him go. He pulled him over just for the broken tail light.

    Swiy can't imagine getting a call that goes like this:

    "Dude, Im going to jail, I just got pulled over. My life is over. They are going to find the drugs. Im going to jail. Im going to jail."

    This motherfucker has 2 strikes for drug crimes already. Jesus. It gets better.

    The same happens AGAIN!!! This dummy gets pulled over around 4:00am. Same thing, he tells them he is high. Nothing happens, the cop writes a warning and lets him go.

    How in the HELL did this man walk away ALIVE, much less not arrested?

    Seriously, Swim's friend is the luckiest man alive. He should already be dead from mixing huge amounts of hard liquor and alprazolam.
  2. Bajeda
    Re: Set and Setting? - Kid lunged toward officer and said, "Dude! I'm high on mushroo

    If a 'police animal' was gnawing on my arm I think I would sure as hell interfere with it, just like any other sane person - or any person with working reflexes.

    This guy doesn't sound so bright though. Driving while under the influence of psychedelics is reprehensible, and the rest of his actions don't paint him in any brighter light.

    Nice picture additions Beeker! ;)

    I seriously doubt that.

    Maybe he told the cop he was high (implying cannabis), and left it at that. If he told the cop he was on shrooms he would have been fucked no question.
  3. fiveleggedrat
    Re: Set and Setting? - Kid lunged toward officer and said, "Dude! I'm high on mushroo

    He said the cop used to be a hippie and the cop himself admitted to riding around while high on shrooms before too.

    This guy is honest as shit on shrooms, it's like he's another person.

    Swim badgered him about details for this story for months, and he was consistent with it, always.

    But whatever. Whatever the truth was, he got lucky. Swiy shoulda seen the dude's face. Crazy eyes, for sure.

    And he's dumb for doing it all in the first place.
  4. sylenth
    Re: Set and Setting? - Kid lunged toward officer and said, "Dude! I'm high on mushroo

    hmmm another one of these suspicious stories... well if retards are saying & doing things like this, then it really adds to the lovely stigma drugs already has... the pictures are funny. lol.
  5. fiveleggedrat
    Re: Set and Setting? - Kid lunged toward officer and said, "Dude! I'm high on mushroo

    As nutty as stories like this sounds to us, these type of things do happen. Just they don't hit the press that much, except to make tabloid style headlines.

    The media only cares about sales, be it through selling of actual newspapers or commercial time. They will pander to what ever people will stop to look at.
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