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    Warders having sex with inmates, theft of state funds and warders dealing in
    drugs - these are the allegations of what's going on behind the walls of the
    state-of-the-art Malmesbury Prison.

    This neat and clean facility nestling in the heart of the Swartland is only
    10 years old and has hi-tech facilities.

    Provincial Department of Correctional Services spokesman Eddie Johnson has
    not denied any of these allegations. He said his department would not
    tolerate unlawful and immoral behaviour at any jail in the province and
    would "deal with it in no uncertain terms".

    But at least R15 000 was allegedly stolen from an office at the prison and
    three warders have been charged.

    Asked for comment, Johnson said: "During May an undisclosed amount of cash
    disappeared from one of our cash-handling offices at Malmesbury.

    "The three members in charge and responsible for handling and working with
    the cash were suspended and an internal investigation was conducted and
    concluded. At this stage two members have been found guilty and issued with
    final written warnings. They have subsequently returned to work."

    Johnson said the disciplinary hearing for the remaining warder had not yet
    been finalised. A criminal charge has also been laid with the Malmesbury

    On Saturday, a convict working in the prison's shop, was caught having sex
    with a female warder in her office. He locked the shop and went off to the
    warder's office, who took her phone off the hook, but forgot to lock her
    office door.

    A warder entered the office and found the pair locked in a passionate
    embrace. The convict's underwear has been sent for forensic tests.

    Johnson said the department was in the process of suspending the female

    "The suspension is in terms of the department's disciplinary code, after
    which the investigation into the allegation will be conducted. The offender
    has subsequently been transferred to a centre nearby."

    In another incident, a male warder was suspended after he allegedly had oral
    sex with a male convict. A warder caught the two men in the act.

    Johnson confirmed that they had received a complaint "that a male member of
    staff stationed at Malmesbury Prison has allowed or caused a male offender
    to perform an oral sexual act on him".

    The warder, he said, had been suspended and the convict moved to a "special
    care unit" at the prison.

    "The investigation into this allegation is at an advanced stage," he said.

    Today, Malmesbury warder Henzil Koordan, 27, is appearing i
    n the Malmesbury
    Magistrate's Court. Last week he was convicted of dealing in dagga while on
    duty at the prison recently. He was sentenced to five years' imprisonment,
    of which two years were suspended for five years.

    He has appealed against the sentence and will apply for bail today, pending
    the appeal.

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