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Sex Party promises 'real action' for Australians

  1. Wanderer
    MELBOURNE (AFP) – The Australian Sex Party on Tuesday promised to spice up campaigning for next month's elections with a manifesto "unlike Australia had ever seen before".

    Party chief Fiona Patten launched a risque national campaign at a Melbourne bar, saying her policies "would make (opposition Leader) Tony Abbott's hair stand on end and would turn (Prime Minister) Julia Gillard's hair grey". prospective

    "We've always been forward and we actually enjoy real action," Patten said, mocking Gillard and Abbott's "Moving Australia Forward" and "Stand Up For Real Action" slogans.

    The party's policies include legalising euthanasia, decriminalising all drugs for personal use, and watering down strict anti-pornography laws.
    Although sure to attract criticism from church groups and other conservative elements in society, Patten said it was time an Australian political party pushed the boundaries.

    Patten said personal freedom issues affect people's lives more often than tax or immigration, and wanted to break down "nanny state" policies that she said had been built up over several decades by the major parties.
    While the party will struggle for mainstream support, Patten remained confident of at least one Sex Party candidate being elected to the country's Senate.

    "In the privacy of the polling booth, anything could happen," she said.
    The Sex Party is running a candidate against Abbott in his Sydney electorate, a comedian who has offered to doorknock voters wearing a "mankini" -- a type of bikini designed for men.

    Photo: AFP/File – Sex Party leader Fiona Patten (left) speaks to Zahra Stardust -- a candidate in the 2009 federal elections …

    Staff Writer
    Australia Free Press
    Tue Jul 20, 5:25 am ET
    Yahoo! News


    NB: Couldn't decide if this was "Political" or "Weird News" - Weird won out in SWIM's mind...


  1. Balzafire
    Now this is a political party swim could see himself getting behind and standing erect for. Win or not, it's good to see them spotlighting the absurdity of the status quo.
  2. Wanderer
    They actually seem like hard-core libertarians to SWIM. More power to them and SWIM hopes they win. They should be called the "Rational Party."
  3. Codeine Fiend
    Hell yeah Nemo hopes this group have the backing of the right people, as anyone who does their research knows that there are shadow govt's and financial organisations that truly govern the state of affairs and decide which political party will win or lose as they control both, it's all a big game of distraction from the real important world issues. Politicians are puppets for lobbyists; and at the end of the day, it's still about taking money from the population in any way possible through taxes and more taxes and surcharges and fees and so on.

    Australia is fast becoming an ultra nanny state and so very conservative that it is unbelievable. No political party has yet to be proven to not f*** us over, again and again. Maybe things will be shaken up a bit but Nemo is yet to see any mention of the Australian Sex Party in the media.

    He supports the decriminalisation of drugs and for euthanasia limited to the patient who is terminally ill, incurable and in insufferable pain and desiring to die.
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