Shady Lady-the physical attributes & characteristics of Meth (if it were human)

  1. Count Quagula
    If dope were a women do you know what she would look like and how she would act... let me tell you.

    Debbie's physical appearance:
    You already know she is skinny like a crowbar... as well as lead promoter of the "Jenny Crank diet."
    Undoubtedly as pale as the Adam's family and curly hair the same color as cherry popping red, with big green eyes and pupils so enormous she resembles something possessed. And of course she wears a huge smile (revealing fucking dentures)!

    She also shows off a tramp stamp that says "JUICY BITCH" on her lower back.

    This is pretty good so far. But what would this two faced skank be wearing?

    Wife beater (no bra) and sweat pants plagued with so many cigarette holes it actually exposes the absence of panties. What else? Oh you better believe when she is naked her body exhibits more pipe burns then the rag used to cool the peezo with.
    But my favorite physical attribute is probably how she wears her hair; in a ponytail... with a dope sack hidden in the bun.


    What's next...

    Personality: Where do I start with this one? Well dirty Debbie is probably one to cheat at a fucking crossword puzzle. I can't believe I even capitalized her name. You know, a complete lowlife who is absolutely high.
    The same person that steals from her dying father and slaps her hard working mother.
    No respect whatsoever and cold blooded like Santa in December.

    The same one that acts like she is playing with your cock, but in reality, really reaching for your wallet.

    And after all the destruction caused and misery involved, somehow she can make you feel better than your favorite team winning the World Series!

    Yes, she is a pro...

    And I would be lying if I said I don't miss that "SHADY LADY" - crystal meth.

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