Shambala - Adventures in Utopia

  1. welshlittlepony
    At the start of the year (2015) I managed to get hold of a ticket the the Shambala festival held at a secret location in Northamptonshire. Couldnt wait!

    After many months of waiting August bank holiday came around, bags packed, coach ticket for the shambala express sorted, head to Bristol where the coach pickup is expecting maybe 40 to 50 other people to be at the meet point, boy was I shocked, hundreds of Shambalans waiting to get on the 15 coaches waiting for us!

    The spirit of the festival was alive on the way to the journey, ended up talking to a few people on the train who were going (I was flying solo at this festival) met up with more shambalans at Bristol train station. Everyone was so friendly, waiting for the coach I overheard someone saying they wanted a cup of tea, luckily for him i had plenty to spare!

    We all got on the coaches for the several hour journey up the M5 to the secret location lots of traffic holding us up but no one cared the buss was our party for now.

    Obligatory service station stop where our 15 coaches got back together, service station must have made a mint and the poor non shambalans there didnt have a clue what was going on when hundreds of brightly colored people enter needing snacks.

    Anyway get to the festival site decoached, got wrist bands, entered the field. Awaiting those who entered was a plane crash (i think) and people dancing around welcoming us all to utopia.

    On the way in there is one choice to make, which colour zone to pitch your tent? I went for red zone where late noise was to be expected, my thinking was im going to be drunk/out of it i might be load.....
    Got the tent up unpacked and wandered round.

    As festival sites go its a decent size not to big like Glastonbury but big enough theres not massive crowds everywhere.

    Every store is a venue in its own way to, there was a truck selling sausage and mash potatoes in the day but at night had acoustic folk singers!

    I spent most of my time at a few venues, The enchanted forest/Chai Wahller/Rebel Soul great music everywhere, great people everywhere as well though a few bad apples did spoil it a bit for me.
    I suppose with all festivals you get the people that just want to take drugs and not take in all the atmosphere, strangely most of them were rich little kids....

    On the first night i bumped in to the guy i gave some tea to so i hung out with him and his mates, turns out the pitched a few tents over from me. He returned the gift of tea I gave him with a gift of beer for me :) fair swap i think.

    You dont need to trip coming to this festival, the festival IS a trip! So many colourful people, fruity friday was great fun with all the gender swapping going on, Carnival on Saturday which i missed :(

    So much detail i could go in to but i recommend you take a look at the pictures on the website

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