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  1. molly


  1. Potter
    belongs in "funny shit" this isn't valid news. Snopes even covers it as a hoax.

    Someone at CNN needs to be blacklisted from writing ever again.
  2. grass
    Interesting article, thanks for sharing.

    Pretty pathetic to be honest. Publicizing something like this would seem to produce an even more negative effect amongst the teens who havent heard of this shit, wouldn't you think?

    Although I know that the "iReports" on CNN aren't actualy journalists working for CNN, they are user submitted, it still is mind boggling something that probably isn't some "new trend" amongst most teenagers is being put on the web with so much merit. Now who knows, it probably will become a "new trend".

    The way I see it, if some little bastard wants to get high so bad, and isn't willing to do research into his method of getting high, and is completely willing to just boil some shampoo and inhale the fumes, he completely deserves the repercussions.

    Fuck...eat some benedryl or something if you must get high...it's not safe either but at least you can control your dose a bit more.

    Someone save us...
  3. varuka
    I do think it's extremely stupid of them to write an article about this. I'm quite sure it wasn't a fad but thanks to this article, I'm sure a dumb ass or two will try it. Irresponsible journalism!!!

    I Don't agree that any kid who tries this deserves what they get considering it'll probably be kids in their early teens trying it. Kids do stupid stuff! I'd Hate to think a kids would read this article, or hear about it, try it and end up paying the price, possibly for the rest of their life.

    I have four kids myself and stuff like this worries me. Which is why I never leave then home alone, no sitters, no daycare and they go Everywhere I go. I also try my damndest to raise kids Who Know Better, in general. So far, so good. And to be vigilant, and watch their every move.

    Anyways, although the fucked up article pissed me off Royally, thank you for posting it!
  4. Moving Pictures
    I did some very brief research and it seems ammonia lauryl sulfate can be hazardous but nothing besides these articles on "shamboiling" seem to suggest it's hallucinatory in any way. Can anyone find any evidence?

    If you're a kid and that desperate, you can go steal a can of start fluid from the dollar store and get a (to be honest) pretty weird and not all that unpleasant trip (but compleltly dangerous, I don't recomend it). Or you could buy some pot or pay that homeless guy outside the gas station to buy you beer. Hell, even nutmeg, ffs

    I seriously doubt people are doing this, at least not in any real numbers. I put this up there with jenkem and VCR tape tea.
  5. molly
    VCR tape tea? LOL
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