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Shame revisited.

By DocBrock · Jun 1, 2012 ·
  1. DocBrock
    Last year, my father in law died. Broke the wife apart as you can imagine.

    Today, wifey noticed I was tremoring and trembling again. Time for valium.
    She said her mum was put on something when her dad died. Well, there's me opening a new box, as an aside I asked if she had any left.

    Floods of tears ensued.

    Apparently I'd asked her the same about her dads morphine. I wasn't joking either.
    I don't remember doing it. If she says I did, I will not argue.

    Wanna know how low my addict voice can go?. Not just below the belt, but utterly unfeeling and hurtful.
    Wifey had kept that locked away, that hurt, until today. I don't like seeing my wife cry. Even less so when I'm responsible.

    I can't take the hurt back from the woman I love the most in the world, nor can I undo what I said.


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