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Sheboygan men charged with selling fake drugs

  1. buseman
    Two Sheboygan men have been charged with selling imitation methamphetamine made from Lake Michigan rocks to a confidential informant.

    According to a pair of criminal complaints filed Monday in Sheboygan County Circuit Court:

    Dennis J. Gonering, 23, 2622 N. 19th St., sold 2.4 grams of what was purported to be methamphetamine on June 1 to the confidential informant for $500.

    Tests for the presence of methamphetamine, however, proved inconclusive.

    On July 8, the confidential informant gave $2,200 to Gonering for a handgun and 12.9 grams of what was supposed to be methamphetamine, which was being provided by Jerry P. Yang, 19, 1009 N. 17th St. Gonering and the informant told Yang they didn't want to buy any more meth, however, if it was "bunk" like the last purchase.

    The trio met in Franklin Park, where members of the Sheboygan County MEG Unit arrested them.

    Yang told investigators he needed money and decided to find something fake to sell as drugs. He made the meth, he said, by breaking up sparkly rocks that he found next to Lake Michigan.

    Gonering is charged with delivery of an imitation controlled substance and conspiracy to deliver an imitation controlled substance in or near a park, both felonies for which he could be imprisoned 3 years if convicted on both counts. That sentence could be increased by five years because the incident occurred in a park.

    He's also charged with being a felon carrying a firearm, a felony for which he could be sentenced to five years in prison, and carrying a concealed weapon, a misdemeanor that carries a maximum penalty of nine months in jail

    In addition, Gonering pleaded no contest in June 2008 to a charged of second-degree sexual assault of a child. A two-year prison sentence was imposed and stayed in that case.

    Yang is charged with one count of conspiracy to deliver an imitation controlled substance in or near a park. He could be imprisoned 6½ years if convicted.

    JULY 13, 2010


  1. Tuerpe
    And the crime is???
  2. ianzombie
    Did you fail to read anything past the title?
    delivery of an imitation controlled substance and conspiracy to deliver an imitation controlled substance in or near a park
    Possession of a firearm
    second-degree sexual assault of a child

    Please take note of the date that posts were made before replying, please dont post useless one liners.
  3. upnorthhillrod
    also please note that it is 1 years worth of prison more illegal to sell quartz rocks passed off as meth to a friend of the police than it is to sexually assult a child
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