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Sheriff: Ice cream truck driver drunk while selling cones in Cornelius, Oregon

  1. Rob Cypher
    CORNELIUS, Ore. – A man was busted for drunk driving while he was selling ice cream in the neighborhoods of Cornelius on Friday, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said.

    Witnesses told deputies that an ice cream truck driver had turned into oncoming traffic and twice crashed into the right-hand curb while driving in Cornelius.

    Deputies went to investigate the erratic driving complaints and found 38-year-old Noe Andrade-Silva inside a Plymouth Voyager that had been converted into an ice cream truck, with ice cream stickers on the sides and speakers playing the traditional bell tone tune.

    Deputies said Andrade-Silva was “under the influence of alcohol” while he was selling ice cream to children at North Barlow and 29th Avenue.

    Troy Woodson was keeping an eye on his kids from the kitchen window when he first noticed the police.

    "I looked down and see the officer pull him over," Woodson said.

    Andrade-Silva failed several field sobriety tests. He was booked into the Washington County Jail on a DUII charge. Silva has already been released; he will be in court July 21.

    Sergeant Bob Ray said the truck was sent home with his wife so the ice cream wouldn’t melt.

    Woodson says Silva sells ice cream here all the time and never thought his kids could be at risk.

    "It's pretty disturbing because, I for one, don't want to think there's an ice cream man driving around drunk. Nobody wants any DUI ice cream," Woodson said.

    Across the street Sarah Way proudly shows off the pictures of all her grand kids. They come visit her often and as you can imagine, she's awfully protective.

    She's irate knowing one of them could have been put at risk.

    "You're out there delivering doing an ice cream truck you should not be drinking and driving," Way said.

    Now Way and Woodson want to send a special thanks to that 911 caller, saying their alertness on the road may have helped avoid a very bad situation.

    "I thank the lady for doing that. Thank you. I think you were not only looking out for my neighborhood but for everybody out there," Woodson said.

    Stephen Mayer
    KATU-TV (Oregon)
    July 11, 2015



  1. Name goes here
    Does that van resemble a picture of a van online that says "free candy" on the side? I wouldn't let my kids near that contraption. Is it an extra charge for attracting kids to your vehicle before running them over?
  2. ianzombie
    What sort of shoddy ice cream van is that?
    It looks like the sort of thing a child molester would dream up.
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