Sheriff Warns Of New Meth Recipe Cooking

By chillinwill · Sep 20, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A new recipe for methamphetamine is circulating, making it easier for addicts to get their hands on the potent drug.

    Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd warned the popular new recipe is easy to make.

    “If you can bake a cake, you can make methamphetamine,” Judd said.

    Judd said one of his narcotics officers was able to buy the necessary supplies from Walmart and Walgreens with just $57.

    According to the sheriff, a few grams of meth can be cooked in plastic soda bottles in less than an hour.

    “What kind of person would put a chemical in their system that consisted of Liquid Plumr and fertilizer?” Judd said.

    The quantities are smaller, but they are just as potent as what meth manufacturers used to cook in labs before laws passed in 2006 made the key ingredient, pseudoephedrine, harder to obtain.

    The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said they have seized 26 of the one-bottle meth labs so far this year. That is the highest number of labs busted since 2002, when the agency busted 18 of the more elaborate labs.

    Judd said, manufacturing the drug is dangerous for reasons beyond the drug, itself. According to him, the new method of cooking meth is particularly dangerous, because the chemicals can spontaneously combust.

    Judd said if you see plastic bottles with residue on the bottom and chemicals nearby, contact authorities.

    September 19, 2009
    13 Central Florida News

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  1. anonuser30500
    It is almost as if the authorities want more people to get hold of the recipe in question.

    As someone who got into a pickle with amphetamine many moons ago, Swim is glad he no longer has a penchant for speed.
  2. rob42853
    So what is the resipe in question? E/RP/I?? Swim wants to know.
  3. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^^ it is banned here. It is a dangerous tek.
  4. beentheredonethatagain
    thats hardly new^^^^^^... no the tek is very dangerous and its dirty. it is referred to as shake and bake, and as mentioned it is banned on this forum. very crude synthesis.
  5. ninjaned
    what if you bake a cake and methamphetamine?

    and unless i'm mistaken, aren't these washed out in the final product?
  6. beentheredonethatagain
    yes those are under normal conditions and a good synthesis they would be washed out, but in this method the steps for a cleaning are missing.
  7. ninjaned
    oh, alright, that also makes sense why the recipe is banned, not only is it risky, but it leaves in some nasty shit. thanks for clearing that up btw.
  8. Korupt
    The most dangerouse thing as all the publicity law enforcement is giving it and when the do they release a little to much info on whats in it and tell some ingrediants that when mixed improperly gonna blow somebody up. And if I am not mistaken that cop in the picture is not holding the proper drain cleaner it takes to make the reaction happen I could be mistaken tho. there arent many places that carry the stuff and to find them it takes a little more than going to wal mart and walgreens. but all the hype of how easy it is gets teakers couriosity going and makes them want to experiment. Usually without doing there research along with the fact that the subject is banned on the forums people use to learn more about such things. That leaves them searching the web for guidance that may come from people who have no real experience with the matter and may give them bad information. The combination of the hype of how easy to do it is and the lack of information on the subject available is what makes this method the most dangerouse in my opinion.
  9. fryingsquirrel
    Well the drain cleaner wouldn't be used in the syth itself (that would be lye) but it can be used to gas the final product out of the NP. But that is true regardless of how the meth in the first place. The dope is no more going to have lye or whatever in it than any other method. That is simply a misunderstanding of chemistry. Sodium is a light, violently unstable metal that bursts into flame if it gets wet. Chlorine is a gas poison enough it was used as a weapon in word war one. Sodium chloride must be some scary shit, huh? No, it's table salt.
  10. Korupt
    Even this method the final product can be washed if it is not then its the fualt of the cook not the method. At the risk of sounding like im defending the method because yes it can be dirty yes it can be dangerouse. Yes people have been killed. But the same can be said about every other method. they have all turned dirty dope at times and the have all made headlines about exploding and killing someone.
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