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Sheriff's wife arrested on drug charges.

By Paracelsus · Oct 3, 2006 ·
  1. Paracelsus
    ALEXANDRIA, Ky. -- The wife of a Northern Kentucky sheriff is behind bars after a weekend arrest on drug charges.
    Police said they observed Jennifer Dunn with two other people near a car outside a California, Ky., bar late Saturday. When officers approached the car, they found cocaine inside, police said.
    Dunn and another person, Timmy Clark, were charged with possession of cocaine.

    "I'm flabbergasted and blindsided," her husband, Campbell County Sheriff John Dunn, said.
    He told News 5 that he hoped that the arrest would lead to treatment for his wife.
    "If there is a problem -- which I can't imagine I would not have noticed -- but if there is a problem, we're a family. We'll seek help," he said.
    In 2001, Jennifer Dunn pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol.
    Sheriff Dunn said he had no immediate plans to bail his wife out of jail.




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