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By gooshimin · Feb 21, 2014 · ·
  1. gooshimin
    Heyyy whut up pepo? I am stopping in finally again. Man I just am far to busy. Not intentional. We lost
    our 25 yr long main home to a fire. Everything gone. Another puppy gone. Husband heard his cries as he was engulfed. Then another pup, fire dept could not get to, screamed til his passing
    also. Hubby had to hold me down because I wanted to go to him. His name was Buddy. He was abused dumped on our steps 2 xmases prior. He was a 2 year old Pitbull also. The pup was a 5 month old Pit named Humphrey. Terible. Lost kitties also. I could not imagine anything more aweful for me to survive thru then this kinda thing. Made it out within minutes from losing my own life and hubbies and a renters
    also. They call us lucky. Hmmmm. Its hard to live with but got to go on to do better next time and keep saving other pets from abuse or abandonement situations, right. I am even talking with ASPCA about
    opening an office and yard down on our property. I just want to specialize in large wild animal reserve kinda place. I love large cats. Especcially the Bengal and Panther.

    I am sitting with hubby at doctor office waiting to discuss his bad lung scan. Spot on lung. Has to be checked once every 6 months. I hate going to doctors with a passion I cannot begin to relay the depth of. But this is for us. Right? I don't know what I would do without hubby. He spoiled me so much. He needs to be okay. We both smoke. Should be able to do a few things for pleasure. It is pleasurable. I guess there is a price. There is so much life we have left to live and plans to fulfil. I can't imagine hearing bad news. But I know it is not normal. Shit I a m nervous. Ok all is ok the doctor said. And I cannot read this on my phone nomore so gotta close.

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  1. gooshimin
    Hi everyone,
    Per the previous Blog entry not a whole lot has changed. My husbands health is stable.though. Amazimgly after the stress of this whole year of 2014. There have been mamy not so.good revalations. I juxst dont know how much longer we can make it. We are in severe disharmony. We are still xtuck in oir old RV since our fird and I cant seem to please him and I cant get happy. Its know what the right thing todo is. I do not feel like I bring him any pleasure. but how can I I don't have any money. I have recently discovered a new word, Narsassist. As I study this new word it simply fits. I just don't know why it changed. I want my old life back. to be honest I feel he is alread,y starting a new life without me. I can't seem to snap out of this gloom and doom.. In order to become a woman I
    wish I could for him. but if he's a true narsassist I guess that wouldn't matter anyway. I can be perfect I still wouldn't be goodenough
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