Shocking anti-drug driving ad to hit TV

By Phungushead · Jul 15, 2009 · ·
  1. Phungushead
    Shocking anti-drug driving ad to hit TV

    [IMGL="white"],,6719066,00.jpg[/IMGL] A SHOCKING TV advertisement depicting a horrific death is the latest campaign to stop drugged drivers from getting behind the wheel.

    The TAC advertisement, which will appear on television screens in Victoria tonight alongside radio and billboard campaigns, is aimed at dramatically reducing the number of road deaths, the Herald Sun reports.

    Victorian Premier John Brumby said he was alarmed at the number of people who believed they were better drivers after smoking cannabis.

    "I know people and they’ll tell you that when they use cannabis they’re better, they’re sharper, when they use cannabis they’re more relaxed, they drive better… well, rubbish they are," he said.

    "This is an accurate depiction of what happens, and what happens to real people and what happened to 60 Victorians last year and all of them could have been people we know, 60 of them, and they’re dead with cannabis in their system.’’

    The advertisement depicts a drug driver experiencing impaired mental function that leads to waiting longer than necessary at a stop sign, driving over a kerb and into the middle of the road and stepping into traffic.

    Victoria Police deputy commissioner for road policing Ken Lay said anyone injured in a road accident would now have their blood tested for drugs as well as alcohol.

    Mr Lay said the changes were expected to lead to another 1000 motorists being charged with drug driving.

    Mr Brumby defended the graphic advertisement, saying it was an accurate depiction of what was happening in Victoria.

    "It’s very accurate, it’s 100 per cent accurate and the problem we’ve got is the same problem we had with alcohol when I was growing up," he said.

    "When I was a kid 20 or 30 years ago, there was this view in the community that you could have five or 10 drinks and it could make you into a racing car driver."

    By Geraldine Mitchell

    July 14, 2009 03:45pm
    Herald Sun,27574,25781340-421,00.html

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  1. bubbly nubs
    The moral of that video is to check your mirrors before you get out the car. All in all I think it is a terrible anti drug-driving advert.
  2. NorthernJuJu
    I reckon they just want to bust a few more weed users, but driving under the influence of certain substances is foolhardy and dangerous. Drug use should not endanger others.

    However, there is at least one investigation of the effects of drugs on driving performance which showed that, in contrast to all the other substances tested, use of cannabis improved the safety of driving. Presumably through greater cautiousness and awareness? Sorry but no reference for this at present.

    If we look at the overall picture and see what proportion of accidents are cause by drivers who are not under the influence of any drug, we might conclude that driving while straight should be banned... (joke(?)) Driving cars is bloody antisocial anyhow, especially the ones that run on fossil fuels.
  3. crackcityrocker
    how will a drug test prove that someone was on drugs during the accident? traces of most drugs can be found in blood days after the drug is done. or are there certain types of drug tests that will show how recently the substance was done? *confusion*
  4. twoiko
    Wow, that's pretty harsh. I personally know I can drive just as well when high, I wouldn't say I drive better. Also I know when I'm "too high" to drive, because it certainly does happen. It's like people who have a tolerance to alcohol, they know how much would equal 1 drink to someone without a tolerance and they can definitely drive fine on up to 3-4 drinks. Now I'm not advocating drugged driving, I'm just saying there's always a reasonable amount, just like how much you can take before it damages your body, there's still a reasonable amount.
  5. UberDouche
    That public service announcement certainly gets your attention at the very end, and perhaps may give some people pause to consider their actions. And yes, do check your rear, front, and sides before exiting the vehicle.

    Relayed to me anonymously:

    "Where I live, if you are at the scene of the accident when the police arrive and there is any drug present in your system, you will be charged with driving under the influence.

    This has lead to a disturbing new trend , hit-and-run.

    The offender gets in an accident and leaves the scene on foot. They then sober up and turn themselves in later, or the police locate the still intoxicated offender after the accident but nowhere near the accident scene.

    No matter!

    Due to the presumption of innocence in American jurisprudence, the driver can not be charged with DUI. The simple explanation for this is because it is not possible to know when the driver consumed said substance. He/she may have been in an accident and ran to the nearest bar to down a quart of whiskey/smoke a joint, and thus, may not have been intoxicated while driving their vehicle over and through a kindergarten class. Unless the police apprehend the offender at the scene, intoxicated on some substance, they can't charge he/she with DUI.

    Some jurisdictions are making adjustments to their local laws, statutes and ordinances to close this 'loophole', but not all."

    :End of anonymous report
  6. Dickon
    What annoys me about this kind of thing is when people use statistics like "20% of all drivers involved in accidents have drugs in their system", which if 20% of all drivers had drugs in their systems would mean they had no effect whatsoever on road safety. I am not saying this is the case, but it's the abuse of statistics that bugs me.

  7. cannabis-sam
    As far as I know most the scientific studies on the issue of driving under the influence of cannabis has little or no effect and some suggestion of a positive effect, I read a study not long ago by the UK governemnt that said this I can probably find a link if anyone's interested.
  8. skips
    Meh, 60 victorians were injured/killed out of how many in total? For all we know it may have been in the thousands. If like dickon said 20% are under the influence of cannabis and 20% of those in crashes have cannabis in there system it means its no more dangerous.

    That being said I have seen a guy complete off his face at a service station once (he was frantically running around screaming looking for a bottle of coca cola, took him 10 minutes to find the fridge), I watched him run a stop sign and drive off on the wrong side of a 4 lane road into the distance.. Definately on something other than cannabis though, maybe they should concentrate on these drugs,ones which make you a more aggressive driver such as alcohol, meth, etc are the drugs that are extremely dangerous to drive under the influence of.

    Either way, its nothing compared to the shit I get from cops, try driving a high performance twin turbo vehicle on p plates, complete with a drug charges and reckless driving offences courtesy of the vehicles previous owner. I get "random" breathalizer tests like 3 times a week and my car is searched inside and out for illicit substances about once a week.
  9. Phil123
    not a great advert tbh..

    Ive seen much worse drink driving ones that use scare tactics to stop u from driving under the influence.
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