Shooting and a 75 hour break from Smoking

By fiveleggedrat · Nov 3, 2008 · ·
  1. fiveleggedrat
    So Swim eventually shot the 6mg hydromorphone up on Friday. First needle experience. Went super well. Swim missed the vein though so it kinda ended up becoming IM, but there was still a good high for about 45min-1hour. Oh well. Surprisingly, very little sedation via this admin vs oral/intranasal/rectal. Nodding was present, as well as a mood boost, but euphoria was still not present. Perhaps an increase in dose would have helped. Swim would like some heroin but it's a bitch to find, he says. Swim will be shooting again, but would like to keep it to a minimum. Swim also filtered and shot 150mg tramadol right after the other stuff just for the sake of a little more high, which did not happen. Swim just got the nasty SSRI/SNRI effects of tramadol, which made Swim puke rather violently a few times throughout the day, and antiemetics could do nothing to help. The entry would is healing very well. Swelling and redness are almost gone on the 2nd or 3rd day after, and the spot was poked maybe 8 times. Bruising is becoming more prominent and the spot seems to fine. Good.

    Swim took a concentrated 75 hour break from marijuana. He later split about 1.5g of a 70/30 mix of some supposed local high grade pot and Spice Diamond into 2 joints, and shared this between himself and 2 others, which smoked remarkably well. Swim was stoned for almost 2 hours, the longest in months. Swim also really enjoyed the experience, watched some movies, ate lots of good food, and had lots of all around fun with his friend. Swim was amazed that he got high as he did, since he has even taken longer breaks with fewer effects. Swim has decided that he will attempt 75 hour rotation times for smoking pot to moderate tolerance. He'll extend to maybe 100hours in the future to compare.

    Swim's doing Cognitive behavior therapy on himself to overwrite a lot of the drug behavior he programmed into himself over the past year. Breaking out of the habits of doing a drug every single day, and strong/hard ones at that. Swim's going to moderate 2 pot experiences a week max, and 1, maybe 2 opioid experiences a week too. When the DMT plants arrive, I'm sure everything will change though. I do expect the DMT plants to help Swim regarding addictive behaviors. Swim is doing well in cutting back and getting his life back to not obsessing about drugs 24/7. Even never becoming a full-blown addict, Swim's life has changed a lot, and his tolerances sure like to act like he is a physical addict.

    Poppy seeds and DMT will be with Swim in 2-4 days. Swim can't wait. Swim fears the DMT plants, but the poppy stuff, oh man. Let's hope the 2lbs has enough alkaloids for at least one decent experience.

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  1. purplehaze
    Has swif tried the spice diamond without the pot, and if so how was it?
  2. fiveleggedrat
    Oh, it is on par with some of the best Swim has had. It's very, very close to the real thing, and very much worth it.

    Absolutely good stuff. Swim is not biased either, Swim smoked out like 4 potheads on it and they could not believe how damn good it was.
  3. purplehaze
    Definitely sounds interesting. Phaze has been thinking of giving it a try but he keeps reverting back to why smoke a bunch of random plants that we don't know are safe when he can get good weed to smoke.

    Probably gonna have to try it one day phaze says. So many people are giving it a thumbs up.
  4. fiveleggedrat
    If Swiy has access to good weed, it's not essential to even mess with spice. Swim's friends reported it to be very close to weed, which is more affordable by weight than this stuff. Dosages range 200-400mg for Swim depending on current tolerance. That's dosages for getting stoned. By weight, it's stronger than the local "high grade" pot.

    Swim turned to Spice because he has trouble getting ANYthing anymore, even plain old regs (been looking for months, Swim can't network for his life anymore).
  5. MarkyMayhem
    Hi Rat!
    Been reading the tolerance thread.
    Listen to Richard in post #71. He's correct.
    You're flirting with danger man!
    Pay specific attention to the last line of the post.

    That said, hit your vein properly and you'll get euphoria.
    CAREFUL shooting pill crap.
    And please, don't try to shoot tramadol again!
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