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Shooting investigation leads WA police to drug lab

  1. Forthesevenlakes
    this is from the abc news site

    Shooting investigation leads WA police to drug lab

    Police in Perth hope the discovery of a clandestine drug laboratory capable of manufacturing a chemical used to make methylamphetamine does not represent the start of a new trend in the drug scene.
    The laboratory was uncovered by police investigating the shooting death of a 57-year-old man in Kewdale, in Perth's south-east.
    Detectives say the laboratory, found at the man's home, was capable of producing large quantities of high grade methylamphetamine.
    Police say the manufacturing process bypasses the need to use large quantities of pseudoephedrine-based medication.
    Detective Senior Sergeant Alan Morton from the Organised Crime Squad says the discovery could be the start of something very serious.
    "It is disturbing in the fact that the potential to produce the [drug] is greatly increased, the challenge now for us is to ensure this isn't the start of a new trend and in fact that we stop it in its tracks," he said.
    He says he hopes the discovery of the lab will also stop information on how to manufacture the drug from being passed on.

    anyone know what process they might be referring to? swim isnt interested in meth per se, but finds it interesting that someone had bypassed the pseudoephedrine route. maybe they were using regular ephedrine? also swim notices that the news story spelled "methamphetamine" as "methylamphetamine". honest mistake swim guesses.


  1. Jackyl

    Actually it should have said N-methylamphetamine to locate the exact position of the methyl group. This is often "abbreviated" as methamphetamine.
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