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Should E-Cigarettes be Government Regulated, Like Standard Cigarettes?

  1. Beenthere2Hippie
    View attachment 46550 When it comes to e-cigarettes there has been and continues to be a lot of controversy.

    • Are they safe? Well, no they are not totally safe, let’s face it, their primary ingredient is nicotine which is the addictive substance in regular cigarettes.

    • Are they as harmful as regular cigarettes or potentially harmful but to a far lesser degree? Many schools of thought exist on this question but the vast majority of health professionals and scientists will say that E-Cigarettes are far less harmful than regular cigarettes.

    • Are they harmful to others in terms of second hand smoke? The smoke affect consists of water vapor, flavored though it might be. There are no carcinogens of any type present in the exhaled vapor or smoke.

    More on the above points below the orange fold.

    First I will cover a little bit of personal background.

    Like many from my generation I started smoking when I was 16 years old (I am almost 54 now) and though my consumption varied over time, before I quite I was at 2 and a half packs per day. By the time I had reached my early 40’s I could no longer take a lungful of air without triggering coughing spasms. If I caught a cold, my cough would linger for sometimes weeks even after the cold itself was completely gone.

    By my late 40’s I was diagnosed with Bronchitis which is typically a precursor to the much more serious Emphysema and it was a true wake-up call for me! I knew I had to do something but like most smokers I had tried to quit countless times over the years and even decades and never lasted more than a few days before I was right back to smoking. As is common with smokers each failed attempt at quitting typically resulted in me smoking even more when I started up again. I was understandably gun shy and scared to try again, both for fear of major withdrawal symptoms as well as the knowledge that if I failed yet again I would probably end up smoking even more!

    When I tried to get back into playing Racquetball (a sport I played heavily in my younger years) I typically could not last more than 30-40 minutes before I was so out of breath I had to stop. And this was playing with my husband who is not exactly into the sport and never even pushed me very hard!

    I started researching more about E-Cigarettes and really liked what I read. I asked myself could this be the key to quitting? I asked myself that question numerous times and each time I answered YES to myself but was still scared to take that step. Once I even ordered E-Cigarette supplies but never even used it.

    This went on for a couple more years when I finally got firm with myself and said Ok, this last order of cigarettes is it, after this runs out I switch to E-Cigarettes come hell or high water! So I ordered the E-Cigarette starter kit and when I ran out of my current supply of regular cigarettes I immediately switched to the electronic ones.

    What happened next shocked me! Not only did I find that the E-Cigarettes satisfied my craving for nicotine but it was actually EASY to make the switch. Not even once was I tempted to go back to regular cigarettes! After all my attempts to quit in the past using medications, nicotine patches, you name it I had never expected this transition to be so easy!

    Between 3-4 months after I made the switch I found that I was breathing easier and had more stamina. In fact by this time I could take a complete lungful of air and even hold it in for up to 30 seconds or so before exhaling and NOT have coughing spasms as a result! From that time forward I could consistently take a full breath and NOT cough. Now I know it takes 6-8 years for ones lungs to be completely cleansed and I can only imagine that if I felt this good after only a few months, how much better I would feel when my lungs are fully clear after several more years!

    Not only that but in the meantime I found a Racquetball player in my age group who is really into the sport like I am. He pushes me HARD and I am able to consistently play for 2 hours and sometimes closer to 3 hours with only a short 1-2 minute break in between each game! Talk about increases in stamina and energy!!

    I have now been solely on E-Cigarettes for right at 3 years and I STILL do not miss regular cigarettes in the least!

    So to the question are they better for you? I would have to answer with a resounding YES!
    And as a side note, after I had been successful in smoking E-Cigarettes only for close to 6 months, my Doctor updated my medical records to say Ex-Smoker!

    • Nevertheless there is still a lot of controversy over E-Cigarettes and many are calling for FDA regulation just like regular cigarettes. Different reasons are cited such as:

      [*]To prevent minors from purchasing e-cigarette supplies. Well I am all for laws restricting sales only to adults. Restricting sales to minors does NOT require FDA involvement and in fact quite a few cities and even a handful of states have done just that. See here.​

      [*]Apparently some are using vaporizer pens (part of the E-Cigarette delivery mechanism) to smoke synthetic drugs and according to this article from CNN this is causing spikes in Emergency room visits and problems for law enforcement. Though this is clearly a problem this is NOT a valid reason to allow the FDA to regulate this industry.​

    People find all kinds of creative ways to use a product for other than its intended purpose and I say it is the wrong approach to push for massive FDA Government regulation of E-Cigarettes just to counter those who use it for illegal purposes!

    Much of the push for FDA regulation is coming from none other than the tobacco industry! They don’t like it that they are losing ever increasing amount of market share as people make this switch!

    In the end, if the FDA is allowed to regulate E-Cigarettes it will result in massive taxes being levied at the Federal level and probably also lead to similar taxes at the local level (whether it be city/county and/or state). By the time they are done with all that E-Cigarettes would likely end up being just as expensive as regular cigarettes and that would be a lose-lose for everyone!

    Though health concerns alone should be enough for people to do everything possible to get off of the carcinogenic poisons present in regular tobacco products, the reality is that COST is also a major concern. For most people (myself included), both health concerns and cost are the most important motivating factors which causes people to quit or to switch to electronic.

    Eliminate the cost savings and many will likely not make the switch and just stay with regular cigarettes and that will have a very adverse on the overall health of the public.

    On the flip side of this coin though there are also a growing number of e-cigarette friendly businesses and some in the most unlikely of places. A couple of examples:

    • Hospital – a couple of years back my husband had a severe case of Pneumonia and was in the hospital for almost a full week. Sometimes I took a break and went to the parking lot to smoke. I recall once when a hospital guard started walking toward me and then noticed something and asked me if I was smoking an e-cigarette. I said yes, and he said OK, carry on. Otherwise he would have scolded me and made me put out the cigarette.

    • Restaurant – on 4 occasions my husband and I were eating at an outdoor patio area and I asked the waitress if I could smoke an e-cigarette. In all 4 cases she said yes and these were 4 different restaurants.
      I’ve heard unsubstantiated stories that on occasion an airline has allowed someone to smoke an e-cigarette on the airplane.
    • Other cities with ordinances against smoking with X feet of an entrance to a public business has allowed e-cigarette smokers to smoke unrestricted. I’ve done this myself and witnessed it many other times.

    A study put out by Public Health England has officially stated that e-cigarettes are about 95% safer than regular tobacco smoking and even goes as far as to be encouraging e-cigarettes to be licensed and to be offered for free by stop-smoking specialists.

    A key quote from the above referenced article:

    While stressing that e-cigarettes are not free from risk, PHE now believes that e-cigarettes “have the potential to make a significant contribution to the endgame for tobacco."​

    In summary I fully support passing laws at Federal as well as city/county/state levels to outlaw sale of E-Cigarette supplies to minors. But this can be done easily without full blown regulation by the FDA. All we don’t need is to have the FDA regulate the daylights out of this and cause e-cigarettes to become just as expensive as regular cigarettes because if that happens then many will end up not making the switch and the health of many will suffer as a consequence. This type of overkill would end up being self-defeating and if the goal is to get as many people as possible off of the carcinogenic tobacco, FDA regulation would have just the opposite effect.

    Regulating something like this would be no different than the Prohibition era!

    I am just one among countless people who successfully made the switch from regular cigarettes to E-Cigarettes and though I recognize it would be better if I didn’t even do that much, I can personally attest to just how much healthier and energetic this change has made for my life!

    By Allen Mew - Daily Kos/Oct. 24, 2015
    Newshawk Crew

    Author Bio

    BT2H is a retired news editor and writer from the NYC area who, for health reasons, retired to a southern US state early, and where BT2H continues to write and to post drug-related news to DF.


  1. DrPixels
    The biggest issue that i've read about them, is the liquid having toxic additives, or producing harmful vapors when it's heated up too high. The only regulating body that I would ever like to see for the devices, would be one that tests the juice. Beyond that, they're a great way to quit smoking and with all the different types that are out there, each smoker can figure out what works best for them.

    I quit smoking with one. :)
  2. Reclaimer
    I wish for once they would just leave well enough alone..

    as far as liquid having toxic additives, sure some unscrupulous chinese manufactors in the past may have produced some bad batches of juice..but that no way implies that shit went on for very long or even still goes on..

    MOST vendors i know who are worth dealing with MS/GC ALL there base liquids and provide copys to people who buy the shit.. Lables are up to code Poison / nic content ect ect ect ect..

    They start dicking with regulations alot of small buisness owners are likely to suffer in the end and my supply chains gonna get all bent!

    Nope they need to just leave it alone we the vapers can handle it our self.
  3. GreyPaws
    Not sure what the harm in sensible regulation of e-cigarettes, or at the very least, the e-juice (or anything else containing nicotine) would actually cause. Regulation does not mean a ban, but for instance, I dont think anyone would argue against preventing e-cig e-juice manufacturers from advertising in teen magazines, or near schools. Also, I dont think minors should be able to purchase the devices or the juice (and I have never seen a place here in the US that allows anyone under the age of 18 to openly buy the stuff retail, on-line is obviously a different story).

    My dad quit analog cigarettes almost a decade ago. Not only has his health improved, he is saving close to $300 (usd) per month. He has also been able to go down from 3.2% juice to 1.6% (50% reduction in how much nicotine he consumes daily, give or take). I firmly believe e-cigarette can be a major harm reduction tool for those using nicotine on a daily basis.

    I guess my biggest concern about the whole regulation of the e-cig industry comes from the fact that so much of the anti e-cigarette campaigns are currently sponsored by large tobacco manufacturers. I think largely due to the fact that they want to prevent smaller companies from bringing e-cig products to market while they catch up. Most, if not all, of the big tobacco manufacturers in the US have e-cigarettes options too, and they are developing new ones all the time.
  4. detoxin momma
    I was reading an article that I tried and tried to get to upload here,but keep messing it up.

    apparently Japanese scientists of some kind are doing studies on these devices right now.
    they are saying that there are 10 times the carcinogens in the juice as a regular cigarette.
    especially if your wick/coil is burnt out.

    I guess it would be pretty hard to know just how dangerous these are,considering they haven't been out long.
    can't exactly tell people they cause cancer when noones been using them long enough to know.

    I started a poll over a year ago on if anyone thinks these ecigs are more dangerous,and the numbers show,no.

    but im sure in time there will be more and more discoveries.

    to me,its all about the benjamins baby.
    I have a hand to mouth fixation.
    cigarettes are bad,we know that.

    we don't know much about vaping,but we are still inhaling and exhaling threw our lungs.
    no matter what it is your inhaling,it can't be good.

    so why pay more for it.thats my logic.

    yes,they should keep testing and regulating.atleast inform people what they are finding.
  5. GreyPaws
    Some of these studies are also paid for, or sponsored by, large tobacco manufacturers. Obviously without seeing the actual study set up or results from the one you are mentioning its pretty hard to comment, but I've seen a few studies that reach those carcinogen conclusions where the amount of voltage used is way too high for the coils in the set up and thats what ends up burning the wicking material and actual coil wire. Any time something burns its going to release carcinogens.

    That is another good reason to have sensible regulations for the industry, to make sure there are set standards that can be enforced, and also to allow the consumer to properly use the products and match the power sources (batteries) to the correct tanks and coils.

    If I light a cigarette from the filter end, and pull a drag through it, I'm sure the carcinogen numbers would be way higher than if I "properly" used the cigarette.
  6. sheerasowner
    I just got one and figured it out this week. I love it. It took me a long time to do it. I don't take lung hits like I do with cigarettes.. I'm mostly a mouth vapor and there's tons of people who are. I don't want the tobacco industry in my life anymore. Period. They already got the best of me.

    Leave us alone to vape. Happily. I've met some great people in this vaping world and me and him are diggin it. He's building his own mods coils and drippers. Its been a blast. My man stopped smoking on his rda..I'm going in the same direction. God willing. I've quit 6 times, 7 is the charm for me

    I don't know how I feel about regulation on these. I just know itll all go to hell in a handbasket if the big tobacco industry criminals (mo) get their claws attached.
    Trust me, after vaping with my new clearomizer, if the coil gets burnt you know it right away and no good vaperer will continue to vape with burnt equipment or burnt e juice. Believe it or not, there's some really smart people around the vaping community. Just go read a couple of their forums. People are excited for something that is helping them immensely and immediately. This is the wave of the future. I guarantee these things are 10, 000 times safer than regularcigarettes, which contain, among other caustic things, rat poizon and carbon monoxide, not to mention a couple Drugs that are thrown into it-to keep people addicted. Hell, the regulations industry ain't no better than a street drug dealer imo...in many ways. Gettin rich off poor folks who are addicted to their products. Not by choice. I've wanted to quit the hirrible disgusting things for decades. I'm addicted. Thanks to the tobacco industry.

    Ok...vent is over. Gonna go vape me some
    Mothers milk. ..suicide bunny
    Vaped on Aspire Nautilus mini 4 3 volts. Its wonderful. Keep your cigarettes from now on. I'll keep me some hard earned Money.

    Mother's milk bt suicide bunny. Yum.

    I know a lot of people. Its because ofthe careers I've had, school friends i've stayed in touch with, neighborhood I grew up in. Etc. I ask one thing of any of you fine American people. Please don't believe everything you see or hear on CNN. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but if you are my age (50 something) and did not get the study or lesson in school about how the media will say things to trick you into believing everything they speak, then maybe a lesson about the believability of what the media will feed you because they need you to watch their mind altering stories (sometimes (mind altering) and that it's all just in the "interest of the people of America" that they're telling you stories that may...or may not...be totally true. Come on I got this lesson in 5th grade, I haven't let them persuade me to believe what they say.

    Anyway feel free to bash my ideas of "don't trust the media! Or government agencies either!! They're only in it for the bottom line. ..MONEY. yours. Thanks for listening yall have a pleasant evening.
  7. detoxin momma
    formaldehyde is the word I was looking for.
    they say the formaldehyde is 10 times higher in the juice.

    all we can do is wait and see if its proven I suppose.
  8. lkt004
    Though i do not like Government sticking their nose in and regulating everything, it only seems fair that e-cigarettes are regulated the same way as tobacco is.

    Though i can't see the point in regulating both, as both are filled with toxic substances.

    With propylene glycol being one of the main ingredients, you're going to get huge formaldehyde production as up to 2% of the solvents are formaldehyde producing agents. propylene glycol + glycerol + heat in the presence of oxygen = production of formaldehyde releasing agents, instead of direct heat they just use direct current to produce the heat.

    A typical pack of cigarettes releases 1-2mg of formaldehyde into the smokers body, upper estimates of e-cigarettes running at 5V puts the formaldehyde intake at close to ~14mg of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a human carcinogen at relatively low concentrations, ingesting 14mg of formaldehyde is most certainly not the best thing for you.

    Cancer risk for formaldehyde begins at 0.021mg/kg, not hard to see it's a touch over that mark for e-cigarettes.



  9. GreyPaws
    Lkt004 just posted a perfect example. If I'm reading it correctly, they used 50ml of e-liquid over 5 min, thats an insane amount of e-liquid. Both my dad and my brother use the Aspire Nautilus tanks, and they hold approx 5-6ml of e-juice. It takes my Dad an entire day of heavy use to get through one full tank. My brother can make a full tank last 2 days or more sometimes.

    Again, I'm not sure how hot a battery, coil, or tank would get if you were to have it vaporize 50ml of liquid in 5 min. They are not designed for that kind of use. Even with improper use, the study did not detect any formaldehyde at 3.3v precisely why sensible regulations, or some kind of standards would actually help this industry.
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