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  1. source
    Damian Esteban was qualified to teach students at a specialized New York City high school, and had just been deemed reasonable enough to judge a man’s fate in a murder trial.

    But passing through the metal detectors at a Manhattan courthouse may have been too tough a test.

    Mr. Esteban, 33, was arrested on Wednesday as he returned from a break in a trial in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, David Bookstaver, a spokesman for the state Office of Court Administration, said.

    As Mr. Esteban, a teacher at the Williamsburg School of Architecture and Design in Brooklyn, passed through a metal detector at the courthouse, it beeped.

    A court officer, Laura Cannon, found the culprit to be a cigarette box in Mr. Esteban’s pocket. Upon opening the cigarette box, Ms. Cannon reported that she found a much bigger problem: 18 small bags of heroin.

    Mr. Esteban, who lives on East 21st Street in Manhattan, was arrested and was expected to be arraigned on Thursday.

    Mr. Esteban has been a teacher at the school since August 2007, a spokeswoman for the Education Department said.

    Mr. Esteban’s page on the school’s Web site shows that last spring he taught a class titled “Global IV.” One of his homework assignments required students to write a brief paper saying whether they agreed or disagreed that “Napoleon was the child of the French Revolution.”

    Mr. Esteban had been serving this week as a juror in the murder trial of Jamal Armstead, who is accused in the 2008 killing of a teenager on the Upper West Side. The trial judge had an alternate juror take Mr. Esteban’s place, Mr. Bookstaver said.

    “The court officers are there to do a thorough search and keep everyone safe and this goes to show that they are very alert,” Mr. Bookstaver said.

    17th October 2012. NY Times


  1. profesor
    I don't understand why a cigarette box would set off a metal detector. Do they mean a metal cigarette case? And why did the officer open the box/case? Was there something metal inside? Did she suspect a weapon was inside? This is a badly reported piece. Is there a lot more to this story untold, perhaps? Did the officer lie about how she found the heroin? And why include the part about assigning a paper on Napoleon for God's sake? This guy's life is ruined, by the way. I don't think it's possible to ever get a job in education after being arrested for narcotics, and he's probably not qualified to do anything else.
  2. Potter
    I would assume it was a case. And they always open everything that they find with metal detectors. Or maybe it opened up when he pulled it out.

    I don't much care about what's going to happen to this guy. If he was so dumb as to bring his stash to a court room, he's to dumb to be teaching.
  3. PillMan
    The cigarette box probably is not what went off. They checked inside the cigarette box for something that would have set it off like a pocket knife or something ofthat nature.
  4. anti liers
    What an idiot. I meen afoaf has been to court to many times and he mite maybe take his little metal pill bottle type thing you know the kind that's about the size of your thumb and the lid screws off and has an o-ring on the lid and a key-ring loop but he takes it out his pocket and let's it go through the xray machine so not to raise suspicion and it may or may not have something in it not prescribed to him but realy this guy this guy was so fu*king stupid to take heroin into a courthouse inside something that would set off the metal detector. He realy cannot be smart enough to teach our future leaders
  5. Jongo
    Maybe with the Napoleon paper, its the "IV" in Global IV?
    What a dumbass, and he was training the future.
  6. coolhandluke
    id think it would be that foil in the packs of cigs, or a lighter inside. like pillman said it could have been a cell phone that set it off and thats all she wrote. i bet that guy was sweating bullets when they started searching him.

    i dont get why he had so much, i mean a few stashed in your shoe to keep the sick off during the day should have worked. cops ALWAYS check packs of cigarettes because its so common for people to put drugs inside.

    wouldn't you think during jury selection something would have came up to warrant his dismissal, like nodding out after being asked a question (thats a joke). seriously though this guy should have came up with a story during selection to be dismissed, jurors are put through the ropes in hopes of weeding out people who are holding grudges, have made their minds up about a case or have any conflict of interest the defense or prosecution believes could effect the verdict.
  7. Potter
    What really get's me is this guy was a Global teacher, that's Social Studies/Civics... This guy taught how Gov't's work. he should have been intimately familiar with courts and the law systems and known that bringing illegal substances to a court building would land him in jail.

    No excuses, he's to incompetent to be trusted to teach children.
  8. coolhandluke
    if he were heroin dependent he would need something to get through the day, maybe he had to go score and couldn't drop shit off at home before jury duty.

    i could see someone who considers themselves different than other users and had never had a criminal record could think it wouldn't be a big deal. high school doesn't cover much for government, i was in advanced placement and we didn't go into anything about how constitutional law is implemented, such as the fourth amendment in this case.

    its possible the guy really thought he'd never be put in a position where he would be searched like that, or he could have been dope sick, had to grab all 16 bags, and then catch a bus to the court house in a hurry.

    yea this is about as dumb as you could ever be, but i wouldn't say ban him from teaching for life, then he'd be out of any decent job prospect and addicted to heroin. thats bad for him and tax payers, he could go to prison or be put in the hospital/rehab because of something heroin related and now since he has no job or insurance everyone else gets to pick up the tab.
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