Shrooms, Ecstacy, and LSD bust

By Pinkavvy · Nov 5, 2005 ·
  1. Pinkavvy

    There is a video at the link. Here's the text:

    Several Arrested In Drug Bust

    A major drug bust in Spokane nets a variety of drugs; some of them rare.
    After an undercover buy Thursday night, the Spokane Police Department's drug unit raided a house on West Broad. Investigators say, as expected, they found several large bags of marijuana. They say they didn't expect, however, to find ten pounds of psilocybin mushrooms, several hundred Ecstasy tablets, and LSD.

    All of these drugs are popular at parties known as raves. Detectives say it's difficult to go undercover to infiltrate these groups, because ravers are typically young, but law enforcement can only use adults to undercover.

    Officers arrested 7 people, who detectives say were all too high to realize what was going on at the time of their arrests.

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