By Gaaaaassss · May 24, 2011 ·
  1. Gaaaaassss
    Today, gas was sick all day. Definitely toxic. First guess is the kratom. That shit had a profound effect on my body and mind.
    Will lessen that amount by 2/3, at least.
    Dxe fucking hit hard last night. Small amount was very powerful effect. I remember losing my hold on it and wondering, "0h fuck! What damage has been done?"
    Other than my sickness and inability to concentrate today, I don't know what damage was done.
    I'm out of Ritalin, knowing how things operate in this head, Dxe will be used again tonight.
    Need to quite abusing rx ritalin and use the positive effects of it to find temperance in these other products. As usual, by not drinking, life is under control, relatively speaking.

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