‘Simpsons’ busted for ecstasy

By Euphoric · Jul 7, 2009 · ·
  1. Euphoric
    ‘Simpsons’ busted for ecstasy

    D’oh! 'Simpsons' drug-smugglers busted

    Drugs are drugs, no matter how cute or comical you make them. That didn’t seem to matter to a 23-year-old woman from North Vancouver, who reportedly tried to smuggle at least $1 million worth of drugs over the U.S. border last month.

    Authorities claim Krysta Edwards tried to smuggle 107,734 pills called BZP (or N-benzylpiperazine, a mimic drug for ecstasy) across to Washington in her car. All the pills were shaped as cartoon characters from The Simpsons and Transformers.

    Edward’s Ford Explorer was carrying approximately 60 pounds of the illegal Homer Simpson and Megatron pills, according to CTV News. They were found in a hidden compartment in a cargo area.

    “This is the second major ecstasy seizure at the Pacific Highway Port of Entry this month, and signals the intensity of the illicit narcotic trade,” port director Greg Alvarez told the publication.

    After authorities followed her to a storage unit and she pretended not to know about the stash, Edwards was arrested June 26 and was charged with drug possession with the intention of distributing them.

    According to U.S. Customs and Border Patrol public affairs officer Chief Thomas Schreiber, BZP uses a base drug that is legal in Canada. “It’s a synthetic drug that is a strong stimulant and lasts about six or eight hours,” he told The Province.

    The chemical was originally meant to deworm cattle, but it increased in popularity when club-goers in New Zealand caught onto its ecstasy-like properties in the 2000s. Street names include Legal E or Legal X.

    According to The Province, Health Canada began evaluating the drug in 2008, but hasn’t yet classified it as a banned substance.

    Edwards has a preliminary hearing on July 13 in Seattle. If convicted she could spend up to 20 years in a U.S. prison.



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  1. Greenport
    Hell yeah!! Keep those piperazine bombs the hell out of the states! SwiM thinks people should get higher sentences for peddling mimic drugs than for peddling the actual thing, namely because drugs like piperazines and PMA have much higher risk factors than MDMA does.

    Hope they give this bitch the full and we never see these particular pipes again

    This is why resources where people can test and post results about supposed 'ecstasy' pills are great wonderful harm-reduction tools! ;)
  2. RedBaron
    Swim most likely tried those while he was visiting Vancouver island a couple months ago.......the ones he did were shaped as Bart Simpsons head and Swim knew they didnt feel much like mdma. Four was popped on the night and the effects were real sketchy, rollercoaster euphoria and a shitload of energy. The comedown was also terrible, worse than a lot of the other ecstasy Swim has done...... He and a friend were walking up the hill the day of the comedown and both had to simultaneously stop halfway because of heart palpitations and almost passing out.
  3. Greenport
    SwiM has heard from people in that area that the bart simpsons and transformers have been around for a long time and that most people nowadays aren't stupid enough to fall for them anymore. Everyone knows they're pipes, hopefully this just shuts down the flow before someone gets hurt on em.
  4. Politicalchalk
    The dangers of peddling in any drug that could loosely be a collection of any number of chemicals cannot be stressed enough, excellent point.

    The flip side here is that now there is precedent for legal confusion regarding Ecstasy. Cops don't know the difference between BZP and MDMA is all chemical reality. Swim, although from the US, is disturbed when he reads about drug policies which are not unilateral. Swim calls for a definition of "Ecstasy" -- one would most likely be referring to 3,4-MDMA, and let the scheduling for BZP be sorted on it's own.

    Swim's cat has used X a few times back in the day, but doesn't tend toward that way these days. So he poses to the cats who do: What would a comprehensive, universal definiton be?
  5. Ilsa
    kitten has never had heart palpitations on x (mdma), and although it can and does cause long-term as well as acute damage, the bzp seems to be more deleterious immediately, and the long-term effects can't be good--any info on this would be appreciated btw! ecstasy, in the feline's opinion, is 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, and though she's done some "dirty" pills that were certainly speedy or otherwise had nasty side effects, but nothing that felt life-threatening.

    can anyone put together a comparison of the two in terms of effects, long-term and short-term for both? actually, there may be a thread on it, but if not it would make for a good topic.
  6. purplehaze147
    I'm glad those are off the street. I hope this lady gets extra time for 'false advertising' and putting people in danger by giving them BZP instead of MDMA.
  7. Euphoric
    For all we know, she wasn't going to sell them as ecstasy, furthermore, she herself may have been convinced that the pills contained MDMA.
  8. EscapeDummy

    Seriously? You've got to do a bunch of mental gymnastics to convince yourself of the first point; as for the second point, considering she had 60lbs of the substance, she was obviously getting it from a higher level supplier. She probably knew exactly what she was selling. I apologize if I'm coming off like a jerk, but both of those possibilities are IMMENSELY unlikely.
  9. Greenport
    Nope, sorry, don't buy it. She was carrying them illegally across the border and those pills have been sold there, as ecstasy, for quite some time now (long enough for the fairly adept to know to stay the hell away!) And she wasn't carrying just a roll of em or anything, oh no, she was carrying 60 pounds worth.

    Think anybody carrying 60 pounds of pills well-known to be fakes illegally across the border doesn't know if they were fake? Ohhh no she knew. Furthermore swiM bets she's going to choose that story when she goes to court over the charge for smuggling 60 pounds of MDMA...

    SwiM wants to know the verdict.
  10. akack2
    I find what you say repulsive.

    Also what you say about the lady is abhorrent.

    This is a possibility.

    It is also possible that the lady in question is innocent and didnt know what she was carrying or that she was carrying any thing at all.

    Some people quite like Piperazines however I do agree that Piperazines should not be sold as MDMA.

    Why you seem to want to condemn this women to years upon years in an American prison is beyond me.Shame on you.
  11. Terrapinzflyer
    Canadian woman sentenced for storing drugs in Bellingham

    A North Vancouver, B.C., woman who kept thousands of illegal pills at a Bellingham storage facility was sentenced to five years in prison Friday, March 26, in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

    Krysta Edwards, 23, was involved with a group that smuggled drugs over the border, stored them in Washington and took them by train to the Chicago and Detroit areas for distribution, according to court records.

    She was arrested June 26, 2009, at a Bellingham storage facility and was connected to a unit that contained 26 kilograms of ecstasy and the synthetic stimulant N-benzylpiperazine, called BZP. Edwards also smuggled hundreds of thousands of pills over the border in a hidden compartment in her car over many trips, according to court documents.

    She was sentenced to five years in prison and two years of supervised release for possession of BZP with intent to distribute.

  12. Raoul duke420
    Re: ?Simpsons? busted for ecstasy

    Swim is glad this shipment of bullshit pills never made it across. seriously fuck bzp and these fake pills that def would be sold as E to some unsuspecting buyer. Also glad the girl got a pretty light sentance. Swim hates seeing a courier take a hard hit, and would not wish 20 years on any drug offender!
  13. Greenport
    Why? Because she's putting lives at risk and giving a good drug (mdma) a bad name by cheating people to get their money. Why the hell do you think that somebody who does what this person does deserves any protection? If she's innocent, then by all means give her a fair trial. If there's more to the story, then let it be dealt with properly by the courts. But guilty, she's an evil crook and people like that deserve what they get.
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