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Singaporean arrested with 4,000 ecstasy pills in Songkhla, attempts suicide

  1. Balzafire
    SONGKHLA, Sept 14 – A Singaporean man was arrested Tuesday at a Thai-Malaysian border checkpoint in Sadao district of Songkhla province with more than 4,000 ecstasy pills and other illicit drugs, worth Bt3.5 million (about US$113,800), according to a Thai customs official.

    When the authorities found the drugs and arrested the man carrying them, he went berserk and tried to attempt suicide by cutting his wrists and throat.

    Paisarn Chuenjit, head of Sadao Customs House, said 46-year-old Ang Beng Bee was stopped when customs and immigration officers randomly checked a passenger van coming from Malaysia to Thailand on which Mr Bee was a passenger.

    While searching the vehicle, the officials noticed the Singaporean man behaving suspiciously. So they checked his baggage and found 4,384 pills of ecstasy, one gramme of crystal methamphetamine or ‘ice,’ and five Erimin 5 (nimetazepam) pills, with an overall street value of about $113,800.

    The detainee, who can understand and speak Thai fluently, said that he travelled from Malaysia’s Johor Bahru state to sell the illicit drugs to tourists in Sadao and Hat Yai.

    Initially, customs officials seized all the drugs and detained the Singaporean nationalat Sadao customs house for further investigation.

    While being detained, Mr Bee apparently lost his mind and slashed his wrists and neck with a blade. He was immediately sent to Sadao Hospital for medical treatment and currently is recovering.

    MCOT online news
    Tuesday Sep 14


  1. godztear
    Maybe the people who he was carrying this for will show pitty on him for attempting to end his own life and take the pressure off them.
  2. snapper
    Yeah right.

    Now the Malaysian authorities can distribute the pills to the tourists themselves. He's probably better off than if he were in Singapore, though Malaysia probably kills drug smugglers too. What a nightmare...
  3. AddyCrazy
    Wouldn't want him to die before he gets caned THEN killed.
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