Six Stupid Things You Think About Yourself

By Mick Mouse · Jun 13, 2014 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    The stupid things you think about yourself pollute your mind, limit your achievements, and corrupt your confidence. For some reason, the loudest voice you hear, the one that speaks with the most authority and does the most harm is not your mothers is your own.

    STUPID THING #1-The Perfection Deception
    It goes something like this, "if my performance is not perfect, I am a total failure." You relive each and every performance and brood over all of the ways you screwed up, and in the process, beat the life out of yourself for not being perfect.

    You are not perfect, so get over it.

    STUPID THING #2-The Mini-Maxi Mistake
    This is when you maximize the bad things that happen while, at the same time, you minimize the good things which happen. It is as if the good things you have done never score as high as the bad things. You might say something like this, "I know I closed 5 big deals last week, but I lost one on Thursday and I feel like a failure."

    For some reason, the bad things that happen to us or the mistakes we have made almost always get a more extended review and have a more permanent impact on us than the good things that happen to us.

    STUPID THING #3-The Emotional Lie
    You already know that a lie is the opposite of the truth, right? Then why is it that you accept your emotions as truth? Your emotions are not reliable. Many things that feel right are wrong, just as many things that feel wrong are right. So be slow to accept your emotions as truth.

    Just because you feel ugly or old or too tall or dumb or whatever.....does NOT make it so.

    STUPID THING #4-The Exaltation Of Should
    Think about all of the "shoulds" and "oughts" in your daily vocabulary. "I should be doing this", or "I ought to do that." or even "I'm supposed to be doing whatever.". "Should" statements more often than not reflect the expectations of others, rather than what you want or desire.

    Something is NOTwrong with you because you do not meet all the expectations of others.

    STUPID THING #5-Self Applied Negative Labels
    What are the negative words you use to describe yourself? Do you call yourself lazy or ugly, dumb, unlucky, or even a loser? Now think about this for a minute. Why would you call yourself names like this when you would never speak this way to a good friend?

    Self-applied negative labels stick, and only you can un-stick them.

    STUPID THING #6-The Compliment Brush-Off
    When someone pays you a compliment, say-on your hair style.....YOU say "Oh, I need to call my stylist and have it shaped."

    Do you know what you are supposed to say when someone gives you a compliment?

    Thank you very much!

    Remember what Forrest Gump's mother taught him?

    "Stupid is as Stupid does"

    So take a minute and think about what you just read. Determine to no longer be stupid when it comes to how you think and talk about yourself.

    Original courtesy of Ron Ross, Greeley Colorado

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  1. babalooj
    I am going to print this out and hang it on my wall
    I could use these reminders often, thank you very much!
  2. rednana
    Hey St DN,
    Yes, relate to most on the above. I wouldn't allow someone to "beat me up" the way I have in the past.
    I just had to learn that I could't control certain situations & I wasn't responsible for everything, so would internalise it, brood, ruminate, smoke more...cared less!
    ... so needless to say when I returned from my mental vacation....the same shit was waiting.

    The thing I H A T E most about me is my chronic addiction to cigarettes.
    You know...I'v tried most illicit drugs when younger & not that fussed to be honest, with exception to weed ...of course.
    I drink, & too much at times, but theres no major hook there at all, same with weed...I would miss it...but wouldn't become a "cot-case" without either of them.
    I consider myself a strong person & this is why I beat myself up about cigs, I dwell on the consequences & health implications....mentally f'ing torture wtf are you doin rednana :smoker: ......this is not a dress rehersal ! !

    I've had quite a few attempts to quit cigs & get about 3 weeks in & start to feel way out of control...I a 17 yr old adolescent with ADHD.
    Interestingly, 1st line medication for ADHD is a stimulant just like my "friend" nicotein.

    I've spoken to Psychiatrist about this...he wants to give one of those nasty SSRI's I think they are...& everyone I know whos used them admits to being mentally f****d up because of.

    But hey I'm no quitter...I'll never give up....trying to give up......or beating myself up ....well not until I shake Nici.
    Any tips for ....other than the obvious. Cheers R
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