Skewed orbit

By Snouter Fancier · Jul 5, 2010 · ·
  1. Snouter Fancier
    I've been low profile for the past ten days. Nothing bad, just a heavy recent workload, plus a random convergence of outside responsibilities. This will continue through the end of the second week in July. I'll be more active after then. :s

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  1. bananaskin
    It's good to know folk are ok, when they disappear but haven't disappeared.
    People say... oh blah blah 'only internet' blah blah, but of course they are wrong... it's the internet with real people with real things happening in the 3D world.
    The nature of the beast is that people come and go but missing someone on the net is as real as missing them in the 3D effect.
    So I hope the random convergence becomes a huge ball of usefulness and positivity... if not may the fibres of goodness within the ball be strong and like vines, creating more tasty fruit.
    Much love to you both :vibes:
  2. Snouter Fancier
    Thanks for the good thoughts, bananaskin! :vibes:
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