Slain Man's Child Talked Of Drug Sales

By chillinwill · Oct 25, 2008 ·
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    Girl, 8, Told Social Workers Her Father Joe Krantz Packaged 'White Rocks'

    ABBOTSFORD - Joe Krantz's little daughter told social workers last April that she thought her daddy was arrested because of the "little white rocks that came from the mountain."

    "Dad [is] always selling the little white rocks," the eight-year-old was quoted as saying in a government report obtained by The Vancouver Sun.

    Krantz, an accused trafficker with the Independent Soldiers' gang, was shot to death in Abbotsford Monday at the extreme fighting club he had been running for two years.

    His friends continue to praise him online as a great dad to the little girl.

    But the document prepared after a police raid on their home six months ago tells a different story.

    The young child said her dad "has a backpack full of money" in the girl's laundry basket.

    "He gives it [the backpack] to his friends and they bring it back in the laundry basket," she said.

    The girl drew pictures for the social worker of two backpacks in the apartment -- one blue and one pink -- with coins in the top one and little tied-up bags in the other. "The blue one has money in it and the pink one has cut up white rocks," she said. She also drew her own face in a heart shape with a ragged line running down the middle.

    She described "how dad had a large flat white rock. It is soft, dad cuts it up; makes them into pieces of dust; puts them into cute little bags; puts them into the backpack and sells them or has friends sell them."

    She said she often went on errands with Krantz.

    "They go to his friend's house with the white rocks," the report said. "One girl that sells for dad lives in their old house."

    Krantz was arrested April 15 and charged with nine gun and drug-trafficking charges after a one-month Abbotsford police investigation into an alleged dial-a-dope ring.

    In the apartment where his daughter slept, police found 4.5 ounces of powder cocaine packaged in 133 baggies; 8.7 oz. of crack cocaine packaged in 251 baggies; two oz. of heroin packaged in 456 flaps, a loaded 9-mm handgun with spare magazine; a loaded .380-calibre handgun; six cellphones and a BlackBerry; two sets of brass knuckles; about $8,000 in cash; body armour; score sheets; day and night shift schedules for drug runners and product inventory sheets with codes for cocaine and heroin.

    There was gang paraphernalia with both the Independent Soldiers logo and that of the Hells Angels Nomads chapter.

    Both loaded guns were on the kitchen counter.

    The girl is quoted in the report as saying she had not seen guns or bullets at her dad's house.

    But she did say Krantz also had a machine to "grind up the green moss," 1,000 lighters and "flavoured paper that dad puts the green tobacco in."

    "Dad says it is for his friends, but one day she saw them outside sharing the cigarette. The girl that lives at their old house does it, too -- her house stinks."

    The child said her dad made his girlfriend "take the rocks to his friend's homes."

    She said her dad is really rich and bought her a queen-sized bed and a plasma TV.

    "[His dad's girlfriend] and dad always get really mad at her when she talks about money. They yell at her and send her to her room," the report says. "Dad screams at her 'Don't talk about my money to other people.' "

    She said she "remembers talking about how rich her dad was, he got so mad and grounded her, hit her and took away her Nintendo DS."

    The girl "never told anyone about dad hitting her because she thought he would get mad at her again."

    The report says the child only stayed with her dad on the weekends.

    It quotes the girl saying Krantz spoke a lot about "hockey equipment" but she didn't know why. But the drug inventory sheets seized from the residence list crack cocaine, powdered cocaine and heroin as "small helmets," "large helmets," and "shin pads."

    Investigators probing Krantz's slaying made a public plea Wednesday for potential witnesses to come forward.

    "Through inquiries, investigators have established that there were a number of potential witnesses to activities that were going on in the area on the night of the murder," said Cpl. Dale Carr, of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team. "Often times witnesses have seen something that they are not aware is a linking piece of information."

    Krantz was killed just after 9 p.m. at his club, within the Simba Centre mall in the 2100-block of Clearbrook Rd., just off the Trans-Canada Highway.

    Carr urged people to call the IHIT TIP Line at 1-877-543-9217 or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.


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