Slidell Police worried about teens smoking Spice "incense"

By Alfa · Dec 13, 2008 · ·
  1. Alfa
    Slidell Police worried about teens smoking "incense"

    Posted by Jeff Adelson, The Times-Picayune December 12, 2008 11:27AM

    Slidell Police are worried that teenagers may be getting high by smoking herbs marketed as incense.

    There are no restrictions on selling the two products, Spice Gold and Yucatan Fire, and at least one local store typically carries them, Slidell Police spokesman Capt. Kevin Foltz said.

    The two products typically sell for $18 a gram, Foltz said.

    Though the herbs are marketed as "incense," posts on Internet forums devoted to drug use praise the products' effects. Several sites selling the mixtures make reference to the use of the herbs in "shamanic rituals," though legal disclaimers warn against human consumption.

    Police learned about the products after several parents called in with concerns about their teenagers, Foltz said. He noted that the local store that carries the products was sold out when police checked into the matter.

    Foltz said It is unclear how the herbs work and how they might impact those who use them.

    "We don't know what the lasting effects are," he said.

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  1. Bajeda
    More attention these products don't want or need.

    For reference, Slidell is located just outside of New Orleans.

    Louisiana has already made a number of ethnobotanicals illegal, including: salvia, datura, amanitas muscaria and others.
  2. old hippie 56
    Louisiana is a bad state, swim was raised there. Severe drug laws, and coming from a state where the bars are opened 24 hrs a day.
  3. Alfa
    I feel a ban coming up...
  4. Alfa
    I see this article is republished today by the Sun Herald.
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