Smelly litter box mistaken for meth lab

By chillinwill · Apr 20, 2010 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Hazmat teams tested a Westland, Michigan home after the landlord said she thought the former tenants were running a methamphetamine lab inside.

    The fire department, police and Hazmat teams covered from head-to-toe stormed the home on Palmer Street Monday afternoon after receiving a panicked call from the homeowner.

    The homeowner, Sue Walters, said she entered the home Monday for the first time in 20 years after kicking the tenants out and discovered a horrific smell.

    "It makes me want to throw up. It's sickening," said Walters.

    Walters said the stench smelled like ammonia, which is a key ingredient in homemade meth. Authorities tested the home several times and determined the smell was not ammonia.

    "Not a meth lab. Just an un-kept house with a lot of cats. The cats urine turned to an ammonia-smell," said Michael Magda with Western Wayne County Hazmat team.

    The scene was cleared, but the home remains uninhabitable at this time. Walters said she is going to hire a company to clean the home and she hopes to have it rented out again in the near future.

    Frank Holland
    April 16, 2010


  1. heroineADDICT
    they use ammonia in the freezers at work and when there was a leak i asked my boss what it smelt like and he replied "cat piss"
  2. blink1989
    I wonder how this landlord new how ammonia smelt.
  3. b3ni
    It isn't really a rare chemical, it's got all sorts of applications in the house.
  4. Rin_Weh
    One knows ammonia when they smell it. The source may be questionable but the smell is clear.
  5. godztear
    Alot people like to clean with ammonia, so it is sold in just about every grocery store. SWIM personally does not like the smell of it so he only uses it for science experiments. :cool:
  6. heroineADDICT
    i herd its in smelling salts
  7. TheOpium
    Pretty irritating that ammonia is key for meth because SWIM's been looking for it for DXM extraction but many shops have chose to stop selling ammonia or ammonia-based cleaning supplies because of teens trying to make meth, or atleast so SWIM believes.
  8. Pieces Mended
    :applause: This story is awesome. I once had a neighbor who had such a bad stench coming from their apartment, the complex gave 24 hours notice to inspect, as they assumed it was either a meth lab or overcrowding of multiple families living in filth. As it turned out, the place was just overrun by cats.
  9. fryingsquirrel
    Trying being the operative word. A meth cook using houshold ammonia is doomed to fail.
  10. storkfmny
    Dogs go outside to piss and that's why I am a dog lover, and cat hater.
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