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  1. chillinwill
    New research suggests cannabis use is dumbing down young people.

    The study of more than 6000 New Zealanders and Australians found those who used cannabis before the age of 18 ended up achieving less academically those those who did not use the drug.

    They were more likely to fail to complete high school, less likely to enter university and less likely to attain a university degree - even when socio-economic status, previous educational achievement and other personal factors were taken into account.

    Otago University researcher Professor David Fergusson said the study showed a "robust association" between the early use of cannabis and under-achievement.

    The study findings also suggested that early use of cannabis had a greater effect on the achievement of males than females.

    The research was based on the combined findings of three Australasian studies, including the University of Otago's long-running Christchurch Health and Development Study, which has tracked more than 900 people from childhood to age 30.

    Norml, a group lobbying for cannabis law reform, said the study did not prove cannabis use was the cause of lower achievement.

    "A poor-performing student could be attracted to using cannabis, and a bunch of other behaviours that we might not like, but that doesn't mean one is the cause of the other," said Norml spokesman Chris Fowlie.

    But his group did not want those under 18 using the drug.

    "The current law is not keeping cannabis out of the hands of teenagers. We now have one of the highest rates of teenage cannabis use in the world.

    "And that's because we have got this lucrative black market controlled by organised crime."

    The illegal nature of cannabis also attracted teenagers as a form of rebellion, Mr Fowlie said.

    "We want to have regulated sales so that we can control the age of purchase."

    Jarrod Booker
    May 22, 2010
    New Zealand Herald


  1. LordeV
    Yet, interestingly enough, there is considerable use of Cannabis by those uppity high-achievers in college. Something must be truly wrong with all those smart stone-headed students! I bet they will end up in awful, awful places such as Wall Stre-... oh, everything makes sense now.

    Now, what does this article considers 'use'? Daily, weekly, monthly, once every three months, yearly? We cannot know because the glorious editor skipped the linking the source part. How shameful.
  2. EscapeDummy
    I dont doubt the article, but correlation doesn't imply causation. I bet these kids would turn to alcohol, still underachieving, or just underachieve without the use of any drugs at all. There are plenty of intelligent people who use marijuana.
  3. xenos
    exactly what I was thinking. I think the big word here is Authority. I don't mean to make any sweeping statements by a long shot, but in my experience, I was told that I should go to college in high school, as well as I was told not to smoke pot. Authority is addictive. Many get addicted. I don't mean to say that college students are sheep, I mean that many college students went to college because Authority(their parents, teachers, advisers, tv, etc etc) told them if they don't, they will be working class, which is the worst thing that could ever happen to them.:confused: Same people tell them if they smoke pot they will [Insert anti-MJ propaganda here]
    Just thinking outloud..
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