Smoking Salvia is a Senselesss Adventure

By Phungushead · Jun 2, 2009 · ·
  1. Phungushead
    Smoking Salvia Is A Senselesss Adventure

    Salvia divinorum, a plant traditionally smoked for generations by Shamans and which a growing number of young people are smoking, was in the news this past week. Wheeler High School Principal Michael Susi and Assistant Principal Chris Sandford called what might be considered an emergency meeting of middle school and high school parents.

    They told the parents that increasing numbers of Wheeler students appear to be using the plant. They said their biggest concerns were that people often don't remember what happens during a Salvia high. (Salvia users refer to them as trips, perhaps for their short duration). Susi and Sandford said since students are reportedly using it in groups, it could lead to injury or to some students taking advantage of others.

    Salvia first came to my attention a couple of months ago when a member of law enforcement told me it was being used by local college students. The officer told me that kids smoke the stuff and don't remember what they did - or what was done to them - while they were under its influence.

    I visited a Web site called [edited], which shows a few YouTube clips of people smoking the plant and the aftermath.

    In one, a fellow contended he was going to demonstrate how to plant some flowers while tripping on Salvia. He smoked. He waved the trowel in the air. He curled up on the sidewalk and nodded for three minutes and woke up laughing.

    Another young man, in the back seat of a car, went into uncontrolled laughing spasms. His drooling was similarly uncontrolled. The person watching, and apparently recording his episode, repeatedly cheered, “I've got to try this ... .”

    I watched several. The overall theme appeared to be the users' inability to control themselves, whether it was their laughter, their motion or their drooling. One guy wandered around in the living area of a small apartment. His “buddy” who introduced the video, packed the bong and even lit it for him, watched the young man's journey to nowhere, several times saving him from falling.

    The smoker also becomes entertainment for those around him, much like a staggering drunk on a city street. The fun seems to be watching the tripper.

    But the recorders would not abuse a friend, or allow a friend to hurt themselves while recording.

    Without the recording, who knows what someone would do to another while they have them in such a state. Who knows what someone would do to themselves if they decided to trip alone? I was waiting for the guy in the car to decide to get out to get some air. I don't know if the car was moving. But neither did he.

    And sometimes the users became belligerent, throwing whatever was in their hands, shoving whatever was in their path.

    I read several testimonials from people who said, weeks after their out-of-control episodes, they experienced several vivid and meaningful dreams. A man said while he was intoxicated by the plant, his old television appeared as clear as high definition.

    Salvia comes in different potencies, from 5x to 60x. It can be purchased legally by anyone older than 18.

    The plant has been used for generations in spiritual contexts. It is possible that those who have experience know how to use it to gain the effect they desire. However, it seems that playing with it could be a dangerous thing. Trusting someone else to regulate one's episode is equally risky, especially among a group of less-than-sober or less-than-honest people.

    Beyond spiritual use, about which I am not prepared to opine, I can't see any redeeming value in the widespread use of the plant.

    Legislators would do well to learn more about Salvia. In any case, its use, possession or consumption by anyone younger than 21 years old should be strictly prohibited.

    This is the opinion of Chuck Potter.


    Chuck Potter Connecticut

    And no, I did not make a typo when putting in the article title :s

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  1. Mickeld
    In my opinion the ability for a person to be sexually abused while on Salvia is a foolish observation. I personally would belive that when smoked the trip is extremely potent, but short lived. Unless the abuser plans on a 5 minute perversion of the said person, then why would they do it? When the person comes to their senses they will for sure notice the other person! And when chewed it is longer lasting and less powerful, which in my mind would mean that the person in question has at least some of their wits about them. I feel this is just some more progaganda to make a rather harmless plant illegal. If we allow Salvia Divinorum to become illegal then it will open a gate allowing many other well known plants to become illegal! Such as Heavenly Blue Morning Glory, Coleus, and other such well known plants. Remember, Marijuana did not start out illegal. It started out with heavy controls n place. But soon became illegal. What is being suggested here is similiar. The government LOVES making plants illegal when they are benificial to the human race, but dont help line their pockets, or the pockets of big business (such as Pharmecutical companies) with much money. What will start out as control will eventually end up being prohibition of this plant. And dont forget, salvia divinorum is not the only salvia believed to contain Salvinorun A,B and C. Where would the government draw the line? Oh make this plant illegal. No wait make plants with the following Chemicals illegal. Maybe there is a line that can be drawn that will not allow the government more ability to control us more? I dont know.
  2. darkglobe
    I half-blame those damn kids for posting videos on various tube sites, mos prominently YouTube, but I also blame journalists such as Potter.

    If/when (I'm leaning towards 'when', as it seems the banning of Salvia is imminent) Salvia is criminalised, it will be totally the fault of its mainstream use as a teeny drug, and a 'recreational' drug. Both of which (in my opinion) Salvia is not really suited to.
  3. dmtHELLA
    Agreed, I think it is completely the faults of YouTube videos showing the trips of inexperienced users trying to comprehend the world they threw themselves into. These selfish publicity stunts will inevitably hurt all users in the long run. After all, a person who can control his trip will not become an internet sensation, or even mentioned by journalists such as Potter. But I do not believe it will be criminalized, as a public outcry should soon follow. While I do believe that anyone at any age CAN be ready for the drug, so many aren't that pushing the age limit to 21 could potentially reduce the number of salvia abusers. If rapes or molestations occured on Salvia, we would hear about it... Just because the camera is on doesn't mean the sitter's intentions suddenly go from molesting his good friend to helping him out...
  4. ItWasABadDream
    Chuck Potter you should be ashamed of yourself. The fact that you assume so much about something you've never experienced is ridiculous. Unless you try it and realize how unrealistic it would be for something like sexual harassment to occur, then your assumptions are based solely on hearsay. Besides, is alcohol not used as a date rape drug on a daily basis all around the world? Please...this article is preposterous.
  5. darkglobe
    Worth noting Potter didn't specifically imply sexual abuse, just abuse. When one takes a substance which renders them incapable of rational thought and motor functions required to look after one's self, one should always make sure they are in the company of TRUSTED individuals. There's always a chance that a stranger would bugger off at the first sign of trouble.

    Internet sensations will always be around. We have memes such as Leave Britney Alone, Om nom nom and so forth. Many which stay confined to their target user group (for example, 4chan, the messageboard where many originate, the meme's are best known amongst adolescents and young adults). What we DON'T want is for Salvia use to become one... I can see it now.... a funny picture of someone tripping on salvia, followed with the caption "I've been Salvi-Slammed" or something.

    Worth keeping an eye on, and also worth reporting these aforementioned drug misusers to video site administrators.
  6. ItWasABadDream
    I also firmly disagree with the point Chuck made about the tripper being the source of entertainment. The problem is not salvia - the problem is the people who are stupid enough to record themselves doing it in front of 10 people and then put it on the internet (like that's a good idea). If they knew anything about salvia they would know it's no party drug. It's not something you're gonna have a good experience on if you take it in front of 10 people... it will just make you feel sort of... weird. In SWIM's opinion, salvia is to be taken in a dark room, with a trusted friend (at least the first time), while listening to music. This proves that salvia itself is not a problem, rather the reckless way people use it is a problem (may I remind you alcohol is used recklessly day after day, nationwide). I don't feel that it's such a big problem it needs to be made illegal, maybe put an age on it like cigs or alcohol (in the US)? That way only responsible people would use it.
  7. imyourlittlebare
    Swim blames doctor Phil and his addicted patient who was hooked on salvia. Details after this commercial break.

    Seriously, hes a jackass. Kappa opiate receptors need to be studied. Swim hates schedule 1. there should be no such thing. Blocking research only hurts the masses. Thanks dr phill and others.
  8. Mickeld
    A public outrcry will follow, but it will fall on deaf ears. Like Marijuana or Opium! The government doesn't care about what we have to say! I mean look at voting, the electoral college proves my point LOL! ;)
  9. darkglobe
    If 'they' want it banned, banned it will be.

    Shame. Saliva is one of SWIM's favourites. Interestingly for UK SWIMmers, an early day motion was put forward for the classification of Salvia into the misuse of drugs act 1971, as a class A substances, it wasn't upheld because it only received 11 signatures!
  10. Mickeld
    This is something I did not know! The UK has already tried banning it?
  11. darkglobe
    Tried being the operative word. The early day motion wasn't passed though, so we can relax for now.

    Issues such as this will probablt never be addressed properly, the number of informed responsible individuals is grossly outweighed by the number of ignorant propoganda-influenced masses.
  12. TheMainException
    The people who use this plant sensibly and for religious experiences don't ever get heard because those people stay behind closed doors with hushed companions who truly do care for them. This Potter fellow might have been off the mark by only giving slight details and overused some, but he's not entirely wrong. He pushed the idea of amnesia quite heavily and although that is somewhat true for some users, in general, what is to be remembered for those users who smoke this plant and giggle for 20 minutes? There was nothing to laugh at in the first place so there is nothing to be remembered.

    The problem does not lie in Potter's article, but in the fact that mere children are running around posting absolutely ridiculous videos of themselves doing some of the stupidest things possible while intoxicated. If they had half a brain, people wouldn't want to make it one would have heard of it in the first place. The salvia industry wouldn't be an industry, it would be a quiet marketplace where intelligent humans bought and sold a mysterious plant.

    He is right on one thing though for sure: governments do need to learn about it. They need to teach ALL the facts to the students and give it a cut shouldn't be doing it...maybe 21 isn't such a bad age after all. If it kept stupid kids from doing it, I might actually be for it...although, not much like an age ban ever worked all to well on alcohol.
  13. RoboCodeine7610
    Is this a joke?Is he THAT ignorant?? Seriously, don't give your opinion about something you don't know shit about...

    RoboCodeine7610 added 6 Minutes and 45 Seconds later...

    P.s: Fuck you chuck potter!
  14. darkglobe
    It's a self-perpetuating problem which will inevitably spiral out of control. The kids (and young adults, we must remember!) post their shit, the media pick up on it and show Salvia in a bad light, the kids hear about it*, thus giving us more 'kids-high-on-sally' youtube videos, more media attention, and... the imminent demise of S. Divinorum legal use: Law enforcement and/or government pick up on it.

    *(remember, they don't care if the media is saying it's dangerous, all they've heard is "mind-altering substance" and run to their nearest headshop or internet café)
  15. ShroomShaman666
    I can see it now, "The Salvia Rapist!" haha. I hate people like this, i love salvia.
    and BTW it goes up to like 150x and probably more
  16. CoryInJapan
    I recall seeing people doing this while drunk off alcohol our well accepted legal drug.

    They do have to valid points of concern.Just need to be regulated so that it regulated like waccy baccy and that one drug alcohol.Ive seen it been sold without ID checks and so on.So i know there are some high school kids that look old enough that will easilly obtain it without a proper ID check.That is the only problem I see with having salvia on the market right now.
  17. imyourlittlebare
    ah. heres some stuff on salvia that may explain the sweep

    A has been reported to show rewarding effects both in
    zebrafish (Braida ​
    et al., 2007) and rats (Braida et al., 2008)
    through the activation of both
    k-opioid and cannabinoid CB1

    receptors, suggesting a potential for abuse in humans.

    braida et al. showed through research a potential for abuse. However, the article i am citing it from suggests kappa opiate receptor activity as a site for novel anxiolytic and anti-depressant effects
  18. Waffa
    why the hell would any rapes want to use Salvia? This makes this biased article just plain stupid. It's clear that Chuck do not have really understanding about Salvia or psychedelics (as these retards who post videos to internet do not have).

    I would personally bunsih these youtubers for extreme stupidity - i hope there will be laws passed in future for stupid people. People like that are favorite piece for anti drug people and jornalists who just want to make up some interesting anti-drug story,
    He got some points but overall...

    arrh, makes me mad
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