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  1. Dawn Godess
    Each cigarette takes 8 minutes off your life.
    Each pack takes a month off your life
    2 packs a day takes 12-15 years off your life
    Working in a smoky club or bar (second hand smoke) is the same as smoking 2 packs a
    Cigarettes have over 4000 known poisons, any one of which can kill in high doses.
    One drop of pure nicotine acid can kill a grown man.
    Smoke radically reduces successful pregnancies and fertility.
    Smoke radically increases cervical, uterine cancer, lung cancer, heart disease and
    Women are affected and die sooner than men. If you love your life companion and
    family, STOP NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you smoke, the baby can be born addicted.
    Fetuses absorb nicotine, CO2, and tar in the womb
    Quitting is hard, but it gets easier every day, as the body loses dependence on nicotine.
    One smoker in a home can give everyone else lung cancer. For them it's equivalent to
    smoking up to a dozen cigarettes a day.
    Cigars are worse than cigarettes
    smoking reduces the size and hardness of a mans erection.
    Muscles grow smaller
    Smoking noticeably ages a face and causes wrinkles
    every 72 seconds someone dies from smoking

    Other effectshigh
    blood pressure
    premature aging
    hair loss
    stomach ulcers
    severe gum disease
    Adrenal exhaustion
    poor circulation
    vision problems
    Cervical dysplasia
    damaged immune system leading to almost any disease
    Smoking narrows arteries which causes high blood pressure. As if that's not bad
    enough, nicotine then accelerates the heartbeat and tries to push it through the
    narrowed constricted blood vessels. That's blatantly asking for trouble.
    ***NOTE: The answer here is so insanely obvious (STOP SMOKING) and I do not
    hope for one second that any of you think it's ok to continue smoking and some
    magic herb or pill is going to make it ok to smoke. Smoking KILLS. It's that
    simple. Nothing will change that. Nothing will lessen it. Nothing will slow it
    down. It corrodes a body from the inside out and ends in insidious painful death.
    What I am about to share is what to do once you STOP SMOKING and want to
    ACUPUNCTURE HELPS !!! Some people have stopped smoking in one or two
    visits if the acupunturist knows what they are doing.
    drink LOTS of water (very important)
    Avoid coffee and other stimulants
    Start your day with fresh squeezed lemon juice with a tad of cayenne
    ***Seaweed*** is a major detoxifier. Helps remove heavy metals and draw toxins from
    The LOBELIA herb has an alkaloid called lobeline that’s similar to nicotine which helps
    people get off nicotine and reduces the cravings. It’s the common ingredient in most
    healthy natural stop smoking formulas.

    Chew on some LICORICE STICKS the size of a cigarette. Chewing and sucking on
    them helps curb the desire for nicotine and also helps curb the oral fixation.
    MISO SOUP helps neutralize and clear blood of nicotine acid
    A transitional phase is to smoke natural cigarettes because they don’t have the
    addictive chemicals that large cigarette companies add to keep you hooked. One
    example of a natural cigarette brand is American Spirit.
    Another option is E-cigarettes, they are not real cigarettes, but electronic devices that
    look, taste and smell like cigarettes, but don’t have the tar and chemicals. These are
    also commonly used to wean off smoking. You can find them online or Ebay for around
    NUTRITIONAL YEAST- rich source of amino acids and B vitamins needed to detox
    Of course a major start is to clean your liver- your body’s filter, and one of the best ways
    is to take lots of bitter-tasting plants and herbs, like those in my liver formula. The bitter
    taste must actually touch your tongue to activate the vagus nerve to start flushing your
    liver. Take 1 teaspoon 3x a day with water. (
    Vitamin B-6
    Magnesium*** at least 1 teaspoon 3x a day
    dark leafy greens
    wheatgrass juice every day
    LOTS of juice- like carrot, celery cucumber, parsley, kale, ginger
    Citrus fruits help raise body pH making it more alkaline.
    EFA oils help neutralize toxins, protect heart and arteries
    White or Green tea every day
    GINGER to boost circulation
    EXERCISE to get stuff moving- oxygen in and wastes out
    Deep breathing
    Jump (mini trampoline- rebounder)
    laugh sweat
    Echinacea is a great lymph cleanser
    Fenugreek seed
    NIACIN (b3) helps counteract the effects of nicotine
    N-Acetyl-cysteine 1000mg (NAC)
    glutamine 1000mg 2x day (also helps you feel good)
    Glutathione 50 mg daily
    Taurine 1500mg daily
    Vitamin C foods- not pills or powder
    bee pollen
    Royal jelly
    Griffonia seed- natural source of tryptophan
    APPLES***- pectin and fiber helps bind with and absorb toxins and move it out of body

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  1. Buzybee
    Agree, agree and again agree!

    having lost my sister to lung cancer - smoking induced MOST DEFINATELY, although it's been over a year the loss is still red hot raw. Ita that empty chair where she sat at those occasions and made it tolerable and even funny, the phone calls, shared memories good and bad.

    If you must have a substance habit, there are less dangerous (well maybe thats debatable!) lung cancer is not if there is a way to say this nicely an easy death it's HORRIBLE please consider the impact on your family! children and friends.

    In short choose something else - the only ones who gain from this are greedy governments from taxes and of course tobacco companies. hugs from buzybee x by the way great post Dawn Goddess!
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