SMS said 'Mum, I've killed dad', court told (ketamine)

By enquirewithin · Nov 28, 2009 · ·
  1. enquirewithin
    "Mum, I've killed dad" was the phone message a mother received from her 23-year-old son hours after he used a screwdriver to stab his stepfather to death, a court heard yesterday. The court was told that Vicken Chui Wai-kan was involved in violent brawl with his stepfather, 75, over noise from the TV, which he had turned on after sniffing ketamine at home.

    Chiu, represented by barrister Paul Loughran, has denied murdering his stepfather, Chiu Che-leung, in a Kowloon city flat in the early hours of July 30 last year....Chiu, who had claimed he was 'not very sober'when he killed hi stepfather, had offered to plead guilty to manslaughter....

    Prosecutor Simon Tam Man-fai, in his opening address to the jury yesterday, said the case was about 'the tragic an horrible consequences of what drugs could bring to a family." Tam told the court Chiu had turned himself in ... 35 minutes after sending the text message to hi mother.

    They had quarreled the previous day, so he went to Kowlon City to stay with his stepmother, who lived alone.... Chiu said he had bought a packet of ketamine for $100 from a man at a game arcade... and had sniffed the drugs at about 12:30am after he returned toi the flat.

    An argument ensued when his stepfather scolded him for the noise form the TV, he said. The row turned into a fight when his stepfather took a pair of scissors from the coffee table.

    Chiu admitted he had grabbed a screwdriver from a drawer. and stabbed his stepfather in the neck. He emphasised he was not sober at the time because he was under the influence of ketamine.

    Chiu said he remembered blood dripping from his stepfather's neck after the first blow. He had stabbed him two or three more times before his stepfather fell.

    Chiu said he fled the scene and changed clothes....

    Yvonne Tsui |Nov 28, 2009


    Both lawyers seem to be trying to use ketamine further their case. The defendant is trying to minimise his responsibility, the prosecutor is trying to use the spectre of the horrors of drugs to make his case stronger. Reading the story you wonder what a small amount of ketamine had to do with a long standing feud between two people. (it is rumoured that HK$100 would buy very little ketamine.)

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  1. Synchronium
    So he didn't even escalate it? I wonder if the stepfather was sober.
  2. Hardy Bucks
    Who knows perhaps he was in a k-hole and thought the stepfather was some evil entity - to sniff $100 he must have been in a k-hole, right?. According to the report the stepfather did produce a pair of scissors first - i mean if i was in a k hole and a 75 year old man produced a pair of scissors and began to violently attack who knows what i'd do - christ who knows what anyone would do?
  3. Coconut
    Hong Kong dollars, not United States dollars, as stated in the original post. HK$1 is about US$0.13. If he was in a K-hole he wouldn't have been able to stand up, let alone stab someone.
  4. Synchronium
    I have a feeling this is one of those stories where drugs aren't the issue.

    SWIM always thinks that if he accidentally killed an intruder or a mugger or something while SWIM was high, or even died in an unrelated accident, SWIM's drug use would be the angle every journalist would use, even though while high, SWIM would be perfectly functional in every other capacity.

    Also, I wonder how many homicides alcohol is the leading cause of.
  5. enquirewithin
    Whilst PCP is said to cause violent psychotic episodes, ketamine doesn't have the same reputation. Karl Jansen explores this theme in his book Ketamine Dreams and Realities. He does mention an incident where someone hits his girlfriend whilst under the influence of ketamine, but that was the only one as I recall. In the case of the man in Hong Kong, he was arguing with his stepfather the day before so it seems that ketamine was not the cause, but, who knows, it could conceivably have made the situation worse?
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