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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Smuggler swallows 123 cocaine condoms
    A NIGERIAN drugs smuggler has been arrested in Switzerland with 123 condoms stuffed with cocaine weighing 1.7 kilograms in his stomach, border guards say.

    Michel Bachar, a spokesman for federal border guards, said the 123 condoms represented the equivalent of a 5.5 metre long string of sausages or 3.5 litres of milk in volume.

    "It's exceptional," he told AFP overnight, underlining that the contents of just one of the condoms could have killed the carrier.

    The man was among six people in a French-registered car who were stopped after they ran through a red light and sped past a border post near Geneva last Sunday.

    X-rays revealed that four of them were carrying a total of nearly three kilograms of cocaine in their stomachs, in five centimetre condom packages coated with wax or resin.

    At least two other similar cases were uncovered on the Swiss side of the border in the past four months.

    Nine people were arrested in France in a similar case last week on suspicion of taking part in cocaine trafficking between Spain and France.

    Swiss border guards recovered all of the swallowed cocaine capsules after several days.

    By correspondents in Geneva
    February 19, 2010 9:49



  1. Calypso
    wow, I can't understand such insanity, unless of course, you're broke :(
  2. chinpokomaster
    That's fucking disgusting. Who would eat 123 condoms.
  3. Anna Thema
    Someone who was fucking desperate mate.

    Nigeria has had a really bad time for decades, military/dictatorship goverments, large oil reserves (and we all know how that makes a unstable country a vunerable target), even their democratic elections now (military rule ended in 1999) are condemned by internation observers as unsafe due to vote rigging.
    Hell their current president is called Goodluck Johnathan ffs; and the Nigerians need all the good luck they can get considering the United Nations says that the average life expectancy is-
    47 years (men), 48 years (women) (UN)

    Sort of puts the idea of swallowing 123 cocaine condoms into perspective really when the average life expectancy in the USofA is 77 years (men) 81 (women), the UK is 77 (men) 82 (women); see what I'm saying?

    Not just desperate but really poorly prepared as well. Anyone with even a small amount of knowledge about Europe knows that Switzerland has some of the strictest and most rigorously upheld traffic laws in the world, running through a red light in Suisse is almost as insane as swallowing cocaine condoms.

    If you aint got nothing, you've got nothing to lose
  4. moda00
    This always makes me so so sad. The health risks, the discomfort, knowing you are being used like a little b&%#$ for a ridiculous heartless gang of organized criminals.. I for one will celebrate in the streets the day the altering of consciousness can be separated from these human rights violations and criminal a$$wipes (am i allowed to say that?)- sewing heroin into puppies stomachs, mules swallowing toxic chemicals by the hundreds of balloons feeling they have no choice and nothing to lose, the disparity between rich and poor, the corruption of the governments... *off to sleep before I depress myself any further, sigh*

  5. chinpokomaster
    I was in fact being humourous - you know, by picking up on the least disgusting part of the sentence and calling it disgusting?

  6. Anna Thema
    Bless you chipmunk (sorry thats how the name reads to me)
    I wasn't having a go at you, if it came across like that it was unintentional. What you said, was actually true. A correct statement-"that is disgusting"; followed by a relevant question. "who would do that? " I liked it and thought it deserved a reply.
  7. Terrapinzflyer
    As Anna thema said- Nigeria is a VERY desperate country and I have been seeing a LOT of reports of nigerians arrested for smuggling in this manner recently.

    For folks that have never seen it "Maria Full of Grace" is an excellent (albeit depressing) movie about drug mules and that side of the industry.
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