Sniffer Dog OD

By grecian · Jan 16, 2006 · ·
  1. grecian
    UK- A police sniffer dog came close to death after swallowing heroin during a drugs raid in Leeds.

    Springer Spaniel Jazz was rushed to a veterinary surgery when his handler Pc Steve Wilson realised the dog had punctured a package with its teeth.

    A veterinary nurse dashed to Bradford Royal Infirmary for an antidote as the dog's health deteriorated rapidly.

    Jazz was treated in time and recovered sufficiently to return to duty after the scare earlier this month.

    'My heart sank'

    Recalling the incident in the Pudsey area of Leeds, Pc Wilson said: "Jazz located a package with a scent similar to that of the class A drug.

    "As he picked up the package his teeth pierced the wrapping and some of the substance became attached to his teeth and gums.

    "When I saw that Jazz had some of the substance on him, my heart sank as I knew it would make him extremely ill."

    As the dog's health deteriorated Pc Wilson decided to take him to The Thornbury Vet Group in nearby Shipley.

    "When we arrived at the vets, Jazz was in a really bad way but the team there were amazing," said the officer.

    The dog was given a stomach pump, injected with an antidote and put onto a drip overnight.

    "Jazz is back to full health and has returned to duty," said Pc Wilson.

    "I'd like to pass on my sincere thanks to the veterinary practice for responding so quickly and with such professionalism."

    As a result of Jazz's actions a man was arrested and a firearm and a quantity of suspected heroin was recovered.

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  1. carousel
    Prolly the best day the dog has seen.

    SWIMs sure this is the only time it happened.
  2. bcStoner420
    Animals must be very very sensitive to drugs, which has been shown with studies. I mean, if it can overdose on heroin taken orally, then dam thats sensative, it musta had alot of it stuck to its teeth. Unless, of course, the "suspected" heroin was not actually heroin.
  3. Chaote
    I have heard that a new "gadget" is being developed that acts like a drug dog but is more accurate.

    Do you think the dogs woulds do it if they understood what they were doing?
  4. bcStoner420
    I have heard about that new drug detection device, it sucks in air and can detect even the smallest amount of drug particles in the air. I think there is actually a topic about it on this forum.
  5. carousel
    No, 'cause the police officers wouldn't give a fuck about them if they couldn't help them find drugs. They might ask for a paycheck too.

    But if dogs had brains, they would overtake us.
  6. carousel
    that kind of brains, that is
  7. bcStoner420
    ^^ Last time I checked, most dogs DID have brains. Unless something has happened overnight where demons came to earth sucking the brains out of little puppies and dogs everywhere?

    lol, you snuck that post in just in time.
  8. Sarin
    A woman a work who used to train and handle dogs for the police some years ago was telling me once about a German Shepherd which had to be taken out of service in a large urban city and rehomed with a family in the countryside. It had been used as a sniffer-dog, but had grown to enjoy its job just a little too much - it was finding the gear alright, but was increasingly reluctant to hand the goods over afterward. In fact it would run away and try and rehide its new-found stash.

    It was rehomed after a period of, uh, readjustment, and the drug-free family it was given to were warned not to take it visiting to any of their more liberal friends...
  9. Knutterdowd
    typical of German Shepard would never catch a Rottweiler doing that non-sense more of a stoic breed as for that air partical dector a buddy of mine goes to GA Tech and said they allready devloped one but it took 2yrs longer then expected because of sabotage
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