Snoop Dogg Banned from Festival in the Netherlands

By buseman · Jun 19, 2010 · Updated Jul 3, 2010 · ·
  1. buseman
    Given Snoop Dogg's love of weed and the Netherlands' lax attitude towards marijuana, you'd think the country would welcome the rapper with open arms.

    That's why it's so surprising to hear that Snoop has been banned from performing at a free outdoor festival June 27th in the Hague.

    According to the Dutch News, city officials told the concert promoter to drop Snoop from the festival's lineup in order to be able to guarantee the open and friendly character of the event.

    The festival, called Parkpop, announced the lineup change on its website and said they were looking for a replacement act.

    What's even more surprising about this turn of events is that Snoop is a regular visitor to the Netherlands and performs there at least once a year. However, the festival is supposed to be family friendly, and Snoop does have some nasty stuff in his past.

    He was banned from the UK in 2006 after he got into a fight at Heathrow airport, and in 2007, Australia also banned him after he received three years' probation for gun and drug charges in California.

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  1. godztear
    It would be interesting to see how Snoop Dogg actually compared to the other artists on the venue or if he was just made an example of.
  2. Alfa
    Mind that The Hague closed down a large number of coffeeshops and hydrophonic shops and that the Netherlands has started prosecute coffeeshops as criminal organisations. The lax attitude is definitely gone and this ban on Snoop Dogg, as a cannabis icon is a perfect example of it.
  3. CrookedEye
    Be careful with Snoop Dogg.. SWIM's friends, who happen to be medical pot dealers/growers, thought it would be cool to show Snoop some of the herb they had and possibly be his connection. They got on his tour bus with a few lbs of herb of different strains. They showed him the various kinds. He then took a look at it and said he'd take it, so they asked for the money. Snoop, then had his security escort the guys off the bus.

    Snoop basically robbed SWIM's buddies' for a few lbs of herb.. Glad they banned his thieving ass from performing in the Netherlands. Karma!
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