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  1. saorsa.elegy
    Not really. But today is a snow day for my kids.
    I remember when my bunny used to look forward to "snow days"...
    Bunny has been to rehab and is staying clean of drugs that were ruining everything for her. For bunny the coke was a problem, and then the xanax, and then crack. So as you can see bunny was fucking with everything.
    Bunny is doing better, last night was rough. Bunny was thinking about scoring. How could she hide it, where could she snort it? When would she have time to get it? It pissed her off that she would have such fucked up thoughts.
    Bunny has decided that there are 3 things that Bunny can enjoy. Weed, x and shrooms. Those things don't make her loose her job, etc.
    Bunny is hoping to keep her family and sanity.
    I think that i will tell her to make more time to meditate.
    And of course, build a snow man


  1. Fight Club
    NIK showed up for work the same morning, and there was an empty parking lot. He checked email and saw that the office had been closed on account of bad weather. Without thinking, he called his wife and said he was on the way home.

    Only after he had done this did it occur to him that could have gone unaccountable for 12 hours; time to score a ball, a couple bags of pins and spend the day . . . .

    NIK survived his snow day without a "Snow Day". What a difference a year makes.

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