So I've got kidney stones

By Potter · Mar 23, 2009 · ·
  1. Potter
    They're going to put me under and put a laser up my pee hole. I like lasers and all, I'd just rather them not go up that way. At least I won't be getting any holes cut in me and I'll definitely walk away with a good medication script.

    This is NOT how I wished to spend my week. This weekend is supposed to be the Gem Show and stuffing face with pancakes. Hopefully I can get this procedure done by Wednesday and be up and walking by Saturday.

    Least I'll be getting more pain pills out of this.

    Other then that, been trying to get some D-limonene to take a stab at a set of experiments posted by Ron69. The chemical is pretty cool, kills ants, cleans dishes, makes food taste like citrus, smell awesome, it's like a miracle potion. Hopefully a local supplier can get it to me in a gallon jug, I can't afford or use 55gal of the stuff and shipping would be a bitch.

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  1. pinksox
    SWIM recalls an old organics lab where they sythesized/extracted d-limonene.
    I've passed over 32 stones. The painkillers almost killed me. Wrote a book about it. Good luck.

  3. Lady Codone
    Dang, kidney stones are one of the most painful things in the world. Drink lots of water, exercise regularly, and avoid excessive salt/calcium intake.

    And lucky you for getting the pks ;)
  4. Nature Boy
    All the best with this. Kidney stones are no laughing matter. I've heard people describe them as being more painful than giving birth. Ouch!
  5. Heretic.Ape.
    My heart goes out to you bro. I've heard they are HORRENDOUS. Sending good healing mojo your way my freind :vibes:
  6. chemanthony
    You know, SWIC doesn't talk very much but shit hears a horrible true life occurrence. In active opiate addiction SWIC would fake out ER's and clinics by saying he thought he may have stones, when the nurse gave him the urine cup SWIC would prick his finger and drop a bit o blood in the cup to raise the blood cell count. Thus getting his fix. Until one faithless day they did an ultrasound. SWIC really had 2 stones!! The post experience was the most painful 2 weeks of his life. Good luck man Swic's urethra bleeds for you man!!! peace
  7. DopinDan
    I remember when my dad had kidney stones, he said they put him in a tub of water and bombarded his kidneys with some kind of ultrasonic waves, which broke up the stones.
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