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So much booze is stolen from trucks in Russia, haullers to install satellite tracking

By Basoodler, Sep 26, 2013 | |
  1. Basoodler
    So much booze is being stolen from trucks in Russia that hauliers are to install satellite tracking on vehicles, it's reported.

    The government agency which oversees alcohol policy apparently ordered the action in response to concerns from producers. The systems are made by Russian satellite navigation company Glonass which claims to be able to track how much alcohol has been loaded into a tank,where it's being taken and how much arrives at the final destination,news agency Interfax reports.

    It's claimed that they will also make it impossible to siphon the liquor off or fool inspectors as to the contents of the cargo by tweaking temperatures inside transport tanks,reports news agency Interfax, although there is no explanation of how the system works. Russia's appetite for alcohol show no sign of abating. According to the World Health Organization,one in five deaths among men in Russia are attributable to harmful drinking.




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