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  1. AmbitiousStoner

    He returned home from a morning of grocery shopping; only the orange juice and beer were left to be put away. It had only been four months since he found his higher power and, as he longingly eyed these items sitting on the kitchen counter, he found himself questioning whether his recent diagnosis was accurate. The bottle sat there begging to be consumed and he knew he was being tested. Twenty minutes later, he remained frozen in his chair still eyeing the items sitting on the counter.

    Over the last several months, he never really questioned whether he had this disease. After a chain of events left him laying in a hospital bed, he realized sobriety was a necessity and plunged himself into recovery without questioning it. From the outset, he admitted he was powerless over his addiction, as his life and health were starting to become unmanageable. After prioritizing what was important, his newfound focus left him feeling healthier than he had felt throughout most of his adulthood. Life was finally starting to make sense and all in just four short months. He knew that he would have to live one day at a time for the rest of his life and there would always be the temptation to stray from the narrow path that lay before him. This was one of those tests.

    After a few more minutes passed, he was snapped back to reality by the laughter of children playing in the backyard. He knew what he had to do. Grudgingly, he walked over to the items laying on the counter and, with an unsteady hand, emptied the orange juice container into the kitchen sink.

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  1. nicelymixedup
    I didnt get it? not the beer but the orange juuice had to go? Is it meant to be funny?
  2. AmbitiousStoner
    This is not meant to make light of any level of sobriety or abstinence. However, as with many of my journal entries, the story is not about what most people think it's about.
  3. Hey :-)
    I found this funny .
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