Social Lubrication Experimentation - Part 2

By corvardus · Oct 5, 2011 ·
  1. corvardus

    Generally speaking the "quantification" of sociality is a relative process from day to day.

    I do have an annoying tendancy of having my mind wander when I'm being talked to. Obviously I am capable of not being a rude twit but it can make a good benchmark on how social I'm feeling in a particular day.

    In other words:

    1) Engage in conversation
    2) Time to "boredom"
    3) Modify for how interesting the conversation was.

    In essence I feel that the social aspect allows me to be interested in the individual in question rather than the content of the conversation. Whether this is a good quantification of social improvement I'm unsure.

    This tends to be consistent day to day, at least when I was trying to establish a baseline but I can quite easily see if my entire outlook alters so would the baseline.

    I might change this to time-to-eye-contact since I do have difficulty in looking and maintaining eye contact.


    These experiments appear to be an acute social lubricant, similar to alcohol, but they tend to return to baseline after a day or two.

    Taking 1g about 2 hours before a social event helps increase my sociability by around 25%, acute, though.

    I feel that this is not helpful for a long term regimen and whilst I'm not addicted to Phenibut it would mean acquiring an addiction to the substance for it to be any use.

    On balance I don't think it's that worth it since it does make complex thinking a tad more difficult.

    I wanted, from the start, for it to be effective and useful and on balance I do not believe Phenibut would be it for the long term.

    For specific events, and dosed correctly, absolutely!

    Quite frankly if I were to follow the path of addiction it would be with something far more pleasurable than Phenibut!

    At the beginning of the experiment the afterglow lasted a few days but it seems to have reached a level where the initial effects wear off.

    It seems that every time I experience a new substance my body over reacts to it. With the JWH-018 back in the days it was legal, cannabis (both of which gave me semi-uncontrollable muscle twitches (i.e. I couldn't stop moving but I could move which muscle groups were being twitched)

    Phenibut is an incredibly subtle substance but seems to complement other substances than be all that effective on it's own.

    Whilst I have not abandoned Phenibut or its other uses I have moved onto a different regime.

    St John's Wort and Yohimbe

    About two month ago I started on a twice daily regimen of Yohimbe and St. Johns wort attempting to see whether the combination might breed some sort of confidence.

    If I were being honest with myself I classed myself as an emotional-cripple with it being exceedingly difficult to arouse me to true anger (annoyance isn't the same) I was thinking that confidence was a function of how "powerful" or "controlled" you felt to your environment and to other people and in males I speculated that confidence was key to increasing sociability.

    In other words the natural testosterone balance an alpha male naturally produces to maintain the social positioning might, just might, be replicable in a beta (or if being harsh, gamma male)

    It was a long shot but I thought I could do with a boost with "male" feelings and a general "pep-me-up" but I was heartened by the limited but successful use of Phenibut I thought I'd give it a go.

    The experiment

    From a drift of 5% from experimental "zero" from Phenibut. I started the regime with St. John's Wort and Yohimbe. One in the morning and one just after lunch. (It's a stimulant so an evening dose is probably not wise)

    Thinking on it now it is unsettling me just a little bit, but in a good way. The reason I have said that is that I have actually been happy and content a feeling I almost forgot. A feeling I mistook for being a high. LOL

    If you want to know the feeling try and empathise with Data on this (Youtube: watch?v=dWBmaKk32fE)

    You know the feeling where you just glad to be alive, well I have not had this sort of feeling since pre-puberty. Even sex was a brief spike of happiness but it never lasted too long.

    I don't want to say it but I might as well and get it out of the way. I feel like I have been in a profound depression for over 20 years!

    Yes suicidal thoughts have been a feature of all that time, but it wasn't strong enough to push me over the edge.


    There was a more pronounced and prolong effect from this which seemed to have a correlation with sexual activity. Happiness seemed to increase if I didn't partake in sexual activity. There was a balance to make, however, since sociability could quite easilly turn into "OMG I'm so horny!"

    I paid far more attention to people in general rather than the hit-and-miss of the Phenibut and I started to pay more attention to body language than the context.

    I even had an event when one of the researchers were being a bit of a twat and hitting me on the arm. I grappled him, in good nature obviously, and it ended up with me lifting him off the ground bashing his head into the ceiling. The place was rolling on the floor and the twat took his time finding the panel to put it back in its place.

    This would never happen before, I'd be too self conscious.

    On the whole this is an improvement if only for the times of happiness and contentment. Although not all the time, I'm expecting that it is a more normal state of being to have them on occasion rather than being in a depressed mood all the time.

    Is it a trap?

    So currently I'm keeping an eye on this. I feel good and I feel... human... for once.

    The most human I feel is when I am also consuming a well known entheogen.

    This is a question in my mind. Chemical substances can be pernicious things on the mind. I have never been truly addicted to any substance but the way I was feeling about feeling like being in a depression for over 20 years opened my eyes.

    I guess I'll need to find out soon whether I have an addiction. Whilst the idea of stopping the experiment doesn't really phase me I don't want to go back to the way I was feeling before.

    Warning Signs: I'm a watching!


    I did read these but wanted to have them as part of my blog. I would respond to specific questions and comments in the blog since there isn't a notification on comments being added to blogs, alas.

    I would agree with that assessment, however I don't find it any more efficacious than alcohol. Phenibut is the smooth option to alcohol's sharp side. IMO.

    See my comment on my body's response to new tried substances. It tends to overreact to whatever I'm taking, then it goes back to what people would consider "normal response".

    Good stuff, in conjunction with Yohimbe.

    I might try the mixture of Yarrow with the St. John's Wort and see if there it is as complementary as Yohimbe was. Perhaps all three? I'm going to do a bit of research on that.

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